42 Thoughts You Have While on the Treadmill

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Getting to the gym is half the battle. If you are anything like me, you will lay around for an hour in your workout clothes ready and willing to get your butt in gear but not move. I'm sure if we could read other gym-goers minds, we would be surprised to find we all think very similar thoughts. If you don't think so, try me. Read through this list and tell me which thoughts have not come to your mind once or twice while on a machine.

1.     Okay. I made it
2.    Did the whole city decide to work out today?!
3.    I guess I’ll stretch first.
4.    Did I already do my left side?
5.    Time to put in work! Let’s do this!
6.    How do I start this thing?
7.    Please don’t judge me.

8.    Enter weight. Why? Will the machine know if I lie?
9.    Enter time. Hmm, what’s she doing?
10. 50 minutes?!
11.  Let’s try 25.
12. Ahh, yes that’s a nice pace
13. Whoa, okay treadmill slow down a bit, this isn’t a race.
14. Oh, I really like her leggings.
15. Lunges on the treadmill? Damn, she’s good.
16. Maybe I can copy her.
17. No definitely not.

18. Why is that guy wearing a hat?
19. Why does anyone wear a hat to the gym?
20. Ewe, something smells.
21. Is that me?
22. No, that is definitely him.
23. What does this button do?
24. I probably look ridiculous.
25. Okay warmed up, lets pump up the resistance.
26. I’m going to have the best butt on the block after this.
27. Watch out Kim K.

28. Gains! Gains! Gains!
29. Note to self: look up meal prep plans
30. Summer 2018 here I come
31. Wow he's hot.
32. HILLS?! Oh no, were going back to normal mode now
33. I want a taco.
34. … and a burger
35. That guy totally just took a flex selfie.
36. Oh, yeah, sure just take the machine right next to me even though there are six free machines down the line.
37. Seriously? Wipe down your handle bars after you’re done.

38. What?! It has only been 15 minutes!
39. Oh the agony, when will this end?
40.  Maybe instead of three miles I’ll do two.
41. Good workout! Lapping all those people on the couch!
42. Let’s go home and get something to eat.

Whew. What a workout! For those of you that are serious about your treadmilling and can last longer than 15 minutes (unlike myself) some treadmills fit your cardio needs better than another. Some are better for walking, running or even inclination. I think I'll stick to just walking for now.

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