Always, Sometimes, Never: A Lifestyle Post

Monday, October 3, 2016 Las Vegas, NV, USA

Always, Sometimes, Never: A Lifestyle Post

I've seen posts like these popping up a lot recently in the blogger world.  
I always do this...
I sometimes do this...
I never do this...
In the meantime, I’ve picked up on a couple habits I have partaken in over the last few weeks. I thought it might be interesting to write them down. Interesting for you and me.  Maybe we have some more habits in common than you might have thought.  

| a l w a y s |
/hit my snooze button two times in the morning
/clean my dish after I use it
/burn my marshmallows when making s'mores  (charcoal gives it flavor)
/go 5 mph over at minimum
/wear my heels for the duration of the night (it is a commitment)
/pay my bills on time
/mic hog when I’m out doing karaoke  
*/check online for a coupon before checking out
/pack a lunch for work
/go through all the face filters on snap chat
/watch the Green Bay Packers dominate the football field
*/eye that last piece of pizza, and usually end up going for it
/buy new underwear if it is on sale
/have a written to-do list
*/attend food festivals
/clean up my makeup area once I've finished applying my face 
/get anxiety at the gym Not any more suckers!
/have a watch on an Apple watch is hard to not have on these days
/have an opinion on everything
/keep an extra pair of clothes in my car I used all my clothes for something and never put em back, but this served as a good reminder. 

| s o m e t i m e s |
/make my bed in the morning
/take a nap in my car on my break I stopped going out on work nights... grew up I guess
/blow a paycheck on a spontaneous trip
/go to coffee shops and not order coffee I order tea... this was kind of pretentious of me 
/put down a book and won’t pick it up again until four months later I'm on the verge of making this true but I'm trying to fight it. 
/start my night off with a jack and coke Oh no, Vodka sodas. I never knew the amount of calories in a Jack & Coke. Yikes
/wear white after labor day
/have cheat days on the weekends
/beat boys in darts Its been a minute since I dominated the dart board
/get tacos from that sketchy taco truck after a night of drinking Oh no, that got shut down. This was not a choice by me.
/dye my hair red for the spring and brown for the fall It's red all the time now.
/scroll through my own Instagram profile and reminisce 
/let my gas light come on before realizing I should fill up
/go too long in-between manicures and pedicures
/carry around a book with hopes to read it

| n e v e r |
/blow a paycheck on tangible things
/turn the lights off when I am home alone Being in my own apartment has really changed me
/light off fireworks I'll watch, never touch.
/talk about space and/or time
/put my car through the car wash This is still an irrational fear of mine but I've conquered it more often recently
/enjoy thunder and lightning storms
/take my dog on a run with me (learned that the hard way)
/smoke (anything, at any time, anywhere)
/charge my phone overnight
/go to the tanning salon
/eat butterfingers (does anyone even like those?)
*/get off the internet without checking a travel deal website
*/use a purse bigger than a loaf of bread
/turn my notifications on for social media
/take medicine for a headache Hangovers have a way of changing people
/attend music festivals
/wear the same blazer twice in a two-week period
/buy clothes online

This is a recreated post from a couple different blogs. Check out some other bloggers that have posted their always, sometimes, never lifestyles and share with your friends!

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