Ghosts of Halloween Past: A Timeline of Cliche Costumes

October is in the air and I couldn't be more excited. This month is all about candy, going out at night, and dressing up. I'm definitely a bandwagon leader when it comes to Halloween because it is my favorite holiday. I don't even call October"October," because this month is actually called Halloween; the calendar gods just don't know it yet.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to revisit some costumes of my halloween past; pre-Pinterest and pro-DIY.  Shout out to my mom for allowing me to be a princess every year when she probably had some more creative ideas for me to explore. Another shoutout to dad for always taking me out trick or treating and allowing his payment to be all the Whoppers I collected over the night.

1995- A mermaid. Here we have a mermaid featuring her trustee pea in a pod side kick. I wanted to be where the peas were apparently. 

1996- A clown. Or am I a Wonderbread package?

1998- A bunny. The best thing about being in dance recitals is a lot of the outfits doubled as Halloween costumes later that year. Keep that in mind if you want to be a parent sometime in the future.

1999- A bride. I think one from the 70s though because look at those shoulder pads, or maybe I was a part time football player.  

2000- Rapunzel, after she let her hair down. Just kidding. I was a princess. Are you actually a little girl if you don't dress up as a princess for halloween? Ages five to eight are prime princess years. 

Moving right along....

2003- A witch. I would have totally been a princess again but I think it was time to let my cousin enjoy her princess days while she still could. This was also the year I experienced how much I enjoyed painting my face for halloween. My face was green at the beginning of the night but I probably melted a couple times through the night bobbing for apples and kicking butt at pin-the-bolt-on-Frankenstein. 

2004- A Baton Twirler. Courtesy of my tin soldier tap dancing outfit I was a baton twirler this year. I highly enjoyed this costume because it motivated me to learn how a baton worked. This was probably my peak in life. 

2005- Spider Queen. I don't have any photos of this that I came across, unfortunately, but I need to explain this. This was my first DIY costume. My mom and I looked high and low for the perfect fabric and finally we came across this blue metallic spiderweb pattern on black silk fabric. It was one of my greatest halloween accomplishments. Fun fact: I went trick or treating with my friend who was a lady bug. Sometimes I think my life is one big ironic joke. 

Fast forward a couple years because middle school is a dark time for anyone and no one needs to relive that kind of anxiety...

2010- Maid of Money. I thought this costume was so freaking clever. I still have it to this day. It's a maids out fit, made of money. Come on how ingenious is that?! I dont think anyone else really appreciated it as much as I did. 

2011-  Sybill Trelawney. She is the crazy crystal ball lady from Harry Potter. This was a last minute throw together. We cant have it all together all the time friends. 

2012- R2D2. I cant say this is the only year I broke this costume out. I still have this costume to this day and use it  more than I would like to admit. Its easy and everyone gets it. I finally figured out that I don't like costumes I have to explain.

2013- A Frat Boy. TFM. This was a twitter inspired costume. Top that.

2014- A Robber. I'm entitled to a basic costume a few times in my life. This was absolutely one of those times. Striped shirt, black hat and gloves, and a knapsack. You can never go wrong with tradition.

2015-  Mrs. Incredible. Sometimes it is worth it to spend a couple extra dollars on a decent costume instead of figuring something out with that you have. I happened to use this costume three times since, so it was a decent investment. 


So there you have it folks. My ghosts of Halloween past. Does anyone have a favorite past costume or a good idea for future costumes? Comment below!

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  1. This post was so cute -- it's always such a trip to take a walk down Memory Lane! Your R2D2 costume makes me wish I hadn't left my Vader dress at my parents' house. You've got great Halloween ideas!

    Xoxo, Emily