15 Things You Just Can't Be Thankful For

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In case you didn’t realize due to the aggressive amount of Christmas ads playing, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The kitchen is starting to smell of spices, there are construction paper turkeys lying around, and those unavoidable awkward conversations among family members are starting to commence.

There are so many things to be grateful for, but there are just as many things to not be grateful for. Here's to the latter…

1. Having a test for your 8 a.m. Monday class following the long weekend

Thank you for making me stress out over the entire holiday break. #MVPProfessor
The Worst

2. YouTube ads

Seriously, I’m just trying to listen to the Biebs on replay without having to hear the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

3. Unrealistic suggested serving sizes

Excuse me while I go eat my weight in stuffing.

4. Jell-o salad

There are at least 2 million ways this dish can go wrong.

5. Uber surge pricing

Hello?! Ballin’ on a budget here.
No Money

6. Holiday traffic

We are moving at the speed of NOT.
Road Rage

7. Small talk

This is only the third time your grandma's asked if you have a special someone…

8. Wearing pants

Everyone and their mother is at your house forcing you to be an actual decent human being.
No Pants

9. Black Friday sales starting on Thursday

Pecan pie or a chance at a Smart TV? These are decisions I shouldn't have to entertain.
black friday

10. Family photos

I'm talking about the photos on display in the house and the photos you’re about to be tagged in on Facebook.
Family Photo

11. That late night Wednesday class that was not canceled

Come on, we all know Thanksgiving actually starts the Wednesday before!
So Dumb

12. Hangovers

Have a little too much wine with your dinner last night? Try explaining that to your screaming cousin when she wants more pumpkin fluff.

13. Finals week is right around the corner

Study week? Try Hell week...

14. When payday is NOT on Black Friday

There's no fun in sales if you have no money to take advantage of them.

15. It's not actually Christmas

Do not let the holiday music and excessive amounts of ads trick you. Put your elf slippers away.

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