17 Spots You Need To Visit In 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"In 2017, I want to travel more." Does that sound familiar? When it comes to resolutions, traveling seems to be a popular one, and rightfully so. As humans, we have the urge to be curious and explore. But where do you start? Start by exploring these options and see what springs off of those to get your travel list started!

1. Flagstaff, Arizona

Being a total college town, make sure you visit within the typical school year. With the old architecture and mountains surrounding the town, this is the perfect getaway from the city.

2. Portland, Oregon


If you like local joints, you will love all of Portland. They thrive off of local businesses, which range anywhere from coffee shops and pizza joints to original bars and boutiques. Bonus: No sales tax here, so prepare your wallet to do some shopping.

3. Seattle, Washington

The city on top of a city is popular among college students because of the easygoing bars and the infamous Pike Place market. Cheap and original treasures can be found here. Oh, and the first Starbucks originated here… Need I say more?

4. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio
It is like a mini Mexican get-away, but still has the roots of the U.S. attached. The river walk is perfect for a night out because it is filled with rowdy bars and speakeasy lounges. Don’t forget to get your history on and visit the alimony!

5. Peru

Hello?! Fresh ceviche every day! Their cuisine is reason enough to go. Peru is a definite seafood lover's go-to spot. Their water sport activities can be pretty enticing as well.

6. Nashville, Tennessee

A more inexpensive travel destination than most, Nashville is known as the "Music City." Home of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Musicians Hall of Fame, you are sure to get a good dose of musical history while visiting here. If you go in the winter time, all of their streets are lit up with holiday lights and decorations. It’s quite a sight.

7. San Francisco, California

san fran
A coastal city that will show you the finer things in life. Their lifestyle is one-of-a-kind that can only be experienced. Their diverse culture and extravagant shopping separate itself from other cities. Bring your walking shoes though, because there is no getting around those hills.

8. Jaco, Costa Rica

Sunset dinners and jungle adventures await here. Want to feel like you are part of the wild? Costa Rica has a ton of outdoor activities for all ages. Zip-lining through the rainforest, rappelling down waterfalls and dipping your toes in the black sand beaches are just a few of the activities they have there.

9. Bloomington, Minnesota

mall of america
Shopping capital of the nation. Not really, but they do have the biggest mall in America. Bloomington is right on the edge of twin cities. Known for their outdoor fun, St. Paul and Minneapolis host a lot of festivals and parades for various communities and events.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas
Everyone should visit the city of sin at least once. This is the place where all your hometown rules are broken, and a life of luxury experiences await you. The Bellagio fountains are ranked as one of the top free visitor spots in the nation, so be sure to check those out!

11. Cancun, Mexico

White sandy beaches, tropical vibes, and pure relaxation sit upon the coast of Cancun. This is a popular choice for travelers venturing into Mexican territory. This is the ultimate spring break experience with no off-season. Sun-bathing occurs here year round!

12. New Orleans, Louisiana

new orleans
I STRONGLY suggest coming here for Mardi Gras. It is your one-stop, nonstop, party spot. Attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans should definitely be a resolution somewhere down the line. Not into partying? That’s perfectly fine. You can partake in other activities, like how to peel a crawfish or listen to live jazz music at The Square.

13. Frisco, Colorado

Frisco is the cutest little town in the Mountain Time region. There are tons of nature activities to take part in, as well as locally owned boutiques and bars down Main Street. The whole city is surrounded by mountains, making skiing, hiking and biking some of their most popular activities.

14. Boca Raton, Florida

boca raton
The Atlantic Ocean in this particular area is extremely warm. Even in the spring and fall, the water feels like bath water. The climate can be highly humid, but this cute suburb will get you away from the city and in with the locals. Experience Florida the native way.

15. Redwood National & State park, California

Seriously, the tallest trees you will ever lay your eyes on. The Redwoods are over 100 years old with trunks the size of an SUV. Hiking, scenic drives and camping are all part of the festivities that take place here. Go and wander about the trunks of the trees and get lost in the pine.

16. Mitchell, South Dakota

Honestly, there is not much to see here but, if you’re close enough, it might not be a bad drive. Mitchell has a palace made entirely out of corn. It’s a quirky landmark but could make do for a spontaneous road trip destination.

17. Four Corners, CO, AZ, UT, NM

4 corners
Who said you can’t be in four places at once? This is a prime photo opportunity since there is not much else to do in this area. There is a local market set up around the perimeter of the states. They sell anything from healing crystals to keychains.
Get your notebook ready and start making your travel list for 2017!

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