13 Things To Do With Your Dog Before They Die

Monday, February 27, 2017

Every dog has its day. Sometimes, that can be for the better or for the worse. Our dogs are like our children. We take care of them, feed them, house them and play with them. They are just as much a part of the family as everyone else is. It’s never easy putting your dog down, and it only gets harder as the day draws closer. I think it is important to make their last days count just as much as we would our own. Don’t let sorrow get the best of you and your pup. Spend their last days giving them the best time of their life.
Here are 13 things you should do with your dog before he goes to doggy heaven:

1. Let them stick their head out of the window.

head out the window
Some fresh air always does the body good.

2. Allow them to sit on the couch that they know they’re not supposed to be on.

Related image

3. Schedule a play date with one or multiple of their puppy pals.

Image result for puppy play date meme

4. Go to a fast food joint and get them a hamburger, all for themselves.

Image result for dog eating mcdonalds

5. Take LOTS of pictures.

Image result for owner dog photo

6. Give them lots of scratchies.

Image result for scratching dog gif
I'm talkin' a full body scratch session. Don’t skimp out on them.

7. Get them a pedicure.

Image result for dog pedicure
It will "pawsitively" impact their day.

8. Go to the dog park.

Image result for dog running at dog park gif
Let them burn off whatever energy they may have left.

9. Buy them the softest blanket you can find.

Image result for dog and blanket

10. Let them eat chocolate.

Image result for dog eats chocolate
We know it's bad for them, but they love it. Let them indulge just this one (last) time.

11. Lay in bed ALL DAY together.

Image result for lay in bed all day dog

12. Take a road trip, just for kicks.

Image result for dog road trip

13. Let them chew up anything they want

Image result for dogs chewing up stuff
It's replaceable, I promise. But the experience with your dog won't be.
Don't wallow in sadness because it's time to let go of your puppy—give them the most memorable day/days ever.

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