23 Reasons Why Living In Las Vegas Is Actually A Blessing

Monday, February 20, 2017

Las Vegas is one of the most transient places in the United States. Everyone makes a stop there at least once in their lives to enjoy the crazy party atmosphere and glittering lights. Anything and everything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas. I think a lot of people forget that Vegas is a home to a couple hundred thousand people. Living in the city of sin is capable of ruining your life, but if you know how to live in Vegas, you can have the best time. Here are 23 reasons why living in Las Vegas is actually amazing:

1. Where else can you "stay-cation" and actually feel like you got away?

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2. Because 24/7 EVERYTHING.

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You can't get that kind of convenience anywhere else

3. Because that open container policy is what freedom is really about.

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4. Because no other state gets Halloween off.

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Nevada Day coming in clutch.

5. Because you secretly like staring at the street performers downtown.

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Even if they're not all that talented.

6. Because we’ve been gambling (legally) since the prohibition.

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7. Because there is something magical about hiking on red rocks versus any other color.

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8. Because it never gets below 50 degrees.

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9. Making us more adaptable to Satan weather of 120 degrees.

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10. The hint of satisfaction when you see a shocked look on someone's face after you tell them you are from Las Vegas.

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Honestly, it's pretty cool.

11. We get a 5-bedroom home for the same price that "other-states" get a 2-bedroom apartment.

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12. Because fourth—and even fifth—meals are definitely do-able after hours.

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13. Because Las Vegas is home of the Hoover Dam—one of the greatest engineering wonders of the world.

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14. Because we use Chihuly's art for our ceilings.

Image result for bellagio ceiling artist

15. Because we have restaurant wonders from AROUND THE WORLD all on Las Vegas Boulevard.

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16. Because you don't pay state taxes here.

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17. Because casually running into David Beckham while you’re sipping on a mojito in the lounge is NOT unheard of.

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18. Because we don't have toll roads.

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19. Because you won't get tripped up when the bar says "last call."

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20. Because Las Vegas was started through The Mob, and that is pretty badass.

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21. Because you can have your wedding ceremony officiated by Elvis.

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Viva Las Vegas

22. Because traffic in Vegas is nothing like traffic in LA, Chicago or Metro Detroit.

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We've got it pretty good.

23. Because no matter how hot it is, Vegas will always be cool.

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