5 Ways Blair Waldorf Meets Her Match In Princess Eleanor

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Viewers are raving over the the new E! drama, "The Royals," due to its scandalous affairs and lavish lifestyles. Lifestyles of the rich and famous come to light in this series and fans are loving it! A lot of those that tune in on Sunday nights are previous "Gossip Girl" fans which got me thinking about a "Queen B," Blair Waldorf and Princess Eleanor stand-off. 
If it were to come down to it, who has the better lifestyle? Blair might win over the steps of The Met with her words but Eleanor could win over the nation with her impulsive plots.
With "Gossip Girl" concluded, fans are latching onto "The Royals," where the scheming takes place behind palace walls. As a dedicated viewer of the GG series, I have had a hard time trying to find a tight knit group that can fill my "Gossip Girl" void, but this British pack just might flip the switch.
I am more so interested to see how followers of the original "Gossip Girl" series take to the new show’s Princess Eleanor. It has to be KILLING Blair that Eleanor has everything she ever wanted, and chooses to throw it all away for drugs, sex and magic. Eleanor is looked upon as a leader in the Great Britain country and all she has to show for it are rebellious tabloids and a high sense of fashion.

The Clothes:

Blair has a very proper and elegant style. Class isn’t something B just attends; she is practically the definition of it, with her headbands and collars. Princess Eleanor, on the other hand, is a trendsetting rock star with her metallic dresses and dramatic eye makeup. Len, even vogue wouldn’t know what to produce for you. Keep it rocking girl.

The Boys:

Blair has Chuck and Princess Eleanor has… Well, everyone, but Jasper is her main focus. Channeling his inner dominant side, Princess Eleanor can’t help but be attracted to him! That is until her mom gets involved with Jasper as well. Talk about a royal family affair (YIKES!). I can’t even imagine Mrs. Waldorf getting involved with Chuck Bass. There is no love deeper than the love between Mr. Bass and Blair Waldorf. Mrs. Future Chuck Bass wins this one.

The Followers:

Honestly, it’s a tough call with this one. Blair’s minions aren’t exactly competent, but can scheme when instructed. Penelope and Maribel are just plain stupid, but their stupidity can lead the crowd to a good laugh. Princess and B both lose this one.

The Help:

Who can get mad at Dorota? She schemes, she cleans, and she is a Blair Waldorf fighting machine. It’s hard to find that kind of passion with the help these days. In the palace, the help’s turnover rate can be pretty high. If they’re not caught in a scandalous act making them question their morals, then they’re probably dead or dying as there is no mercy in Helena’s castle. If it were up to me, I’d take a driven Dorota over hired help any day.

Tabloid Coverage:

There is lethal difference between being on the cover page of a local website than a national newspaper. GG may put B in her place online, but the press is all over Eleanor’s royal mishaps. I don’t want to be the one to say "Gossip Girl" is through but we have snapchat now. “Spotting” someone isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Len, you're national news and Blair you're yesterdays… Eleanor wraps this one up as well.
Blair may have a strong influencing personality but Princess Eleanor throws etiquette out the window and makes her presence known. B would surely fall to the back with Lenny’s tiara taking rein of the spotlight. You can be your own judge Sunday nights as season three is premiering right now! Old episodes can be viewed on various streaming websites and E! Now.

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