Corrine Is Every Type of Girl You Will Find In Your Sorority

Monday, February 13, 2017

No matter which letters you have, we're all in the Greek community together. Listed down below are the different kinds of people in every sorority, and Corinne nails every single type. Here are all the types of girls you'll find in your sorority that Corinne perfectly embodies:
Intramural Leader
Captain of the powderpuff team. She is constantly asking people to go on hikes and is trying to incorporate mandatory fitness hours.

The Grandma

Usually in bed, napping, or in a messy bun and sweats. NO SHAME.
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The Bad Influence

She probably knows about the frat party before the frat knows about the frat party. She defines TSM.
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The Social Butterfly

Popular, friendly, pretty and is almost at every Greek event... Ever.

The Smart Cookie

The chapter is single-handedly depending on her GPA to keep them afloat.
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The Legacy

Her mom, aunt and grandma were all previous members. She was probably more excited to get her bid than the entire new member class collectively. #lovemysisters
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Your Best Friend

You are actually the same person. The peanut butter to your jelly, your other half.
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The Comedian

Lightens the mood when things get serious. Her comments during meeting are sometimes reason enough to go.
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Roster Filler

She shows up to mandatory events but participation is not her strongest characteristic. AKA GDI.
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The President

She is a walking to-do list. With out her friendly smile and stern personality, the chapter would be in chaos. She is actually wonder woman.
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The New Member

She is eager to start the rest of her life. Lets get her on a committee!
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The Entitled Member

The privileged girl that thinks her opinion is needed in every decision affecting the chapter.
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The Senior

They are just done...With it all. #CheckedOut
not standing

The Mom

Or in Corrine's case, the Nanny. She wants to make sure you are doing okay, asks if you need anything, and ALWAYS has snacks.
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The Crafter

She is the go-to for big/little ideas. She even has a Pinterest board for her Pinterest boards.
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Which Corinne are you?

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