15 Celebrities That Would Look Better As Gingers

Grab your green shirts and sip your whiskey because St. Patricks Day is coming! Typically spent drinking and wearing the color green, this holiday is all about celebrating the Irish culture. What better way to celebrate than by incorporating some of the Irish's most distinctive features on the hottest stars around? The Irish come out in everyone on St. Patty's day, and I believe with a little luck, these celebrities could don the ginger look

In the spirit of the green holiday, and a little help from the Irish, I give you 15 celebrities that would look better as gingers

1. Anna Kendrick

Crushed it.

2. Amy Poehler


3. Zayn Malik

malikSo we'll piss off the neighbors... if you don't accept the ginger look is for you.

4. Chewbacca

There is something so majestic about this.

5. Tina Fey

tina fey
She would've made it into the burn book for sure...

6. The Cyrus Fam

miley cyrus
Coming in like a wrecking ball with that fiery style...

7. James Franco

james franco

8. Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker

modern family cast
As if they weren't perfect already, ginger qualities will seal the deal.

9. Pharrell

He's so HAPPY.

10. Peter Griffin

peter griffinYes, 2-D celebs look better as gingers.

11. Seth Rogen


12. The Entire Cast of Friends

friendsI'll be there for you.... when you develop freckles, lose the tan and dye your hair.

13. Keira Knightley

Those freckles become you Keira

14. Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian

15. Justin Bieber

Where are you now that I need you... with red hair?