7 Reasons Why Having Spring Break Later In the Semester Is Better

Another day, another lecture. Being the last of the spring break crew can be a downer. Midterms have come and gone, and finals are still far away. Spring break is the only mantra getting you through these last weeks. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing picture after picture of Cabo and Lake Havasu can give someone a real sense of FOMO. While you're making flash cards, everyone else is making memories. Well, guess what? A later spring break is better, and here's why.

1. More time to work on that “summer ready” body you’ve been talking about since New Years.

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Take advantage of this situation. Don't look at it as spring break is still weeks away. Think of it as more of a motivational tactic; spring break is ONLY a few weeks away. You have a few weeks until beach bods and tan lines, so get your butt in gear and hit the gym!

2. The top spring break spots will be less crowded.

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Think of all the room you will have for activities. The bar will not be crowded, you'll have the chance to go on some private adventures, and fighting the old lady for a spot on the beach will not be an issue. Think of all the crowds you're dodging by hitting the books now and the waves later.

3. You don’t have to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the beach!

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St. Patrick's day is every college student's favorite holiday come spring semester. Why? Because it is a day, we celebrate with alcohol. Believe me: this far into the semester, drowning yourself in some Jameson does not sound too bad. This holiday is popular for nightlife hot spots. Spending St. Patricks day in Cancun just doesn't have the same ring to it.

4. More time to buy the short things.

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Short sleeves, short shorts, short socks? Anything short-related you still have time to grab. You might even get them on sale because the majority of spring break is essentially over. Saving money is a bonus to the situation. #BlessUp

5.The odds are in your favor weather-wise.

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It'll be warmer, sunnier, less windy and ultimately perfect. No matter what region you're in, April has the best weather. Spring is in the air and summer is on the tip of your tongue.

6. The jealous rage you’ll put all your followers through while you’re on spring break and they're back in school.

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It's funny how that week of freedom can go by so fast but the week upon returning to school drags on for so long. It is a good thing you've already done your time and can start looking forward to some free time. I bet if you reached out for it, you could almost touch it. Okay, stop, you look ridiculous.

7. Summer is just a short breath away

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*Cue Alice Cooper's School's Out* You are closer to summer and essentially done with your learning material because once you get back, you only have study week and finals to worry about. Your taste of summer awaits you.

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