8 Dates You NEED To Go On This Spring

Thursday, March 30, 2017

“What should we do?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

We’ve all played this game. Suggestions could go on for hours and by the time you decide, it's too late or you’ve settled on dinner and a movie… again. Change the game and mix things up with some different date ideas. Wow your significant other with your impressive skills whether it be physical or mental, someone is bound to have the upper hand. Sometime’s it's hard to do something out of the ordinary because you are so used to doing the ordinary. Expand your dating horizons with these 8 really rad, really awesome, and perfect for Spring date ideas.

Driving Range

Mini golf is cool and all but why not take it up a notch and hit with the big boys at the driving range. See what you can really do by whacking a couple balls as hard as you can. Make it interesting! The person who hits the farthest ball gets to pick where you all have lunch.

Top Golf

If you really want to impress your friends show off your virtual golf skills. This is a great spot to make a total fool of yourself but to also have the best time with the people you’re with. It doesn’t hurt that if you go with a group the price is a little more inexpensive too!

Netflix & Chill Old School Style

Get all your sheets, pillows, blankets, and electronics. Camp out in your living room for the day or night and just chill in unknown territory. Take a picture of your fort, name it and come up with a war zone story. You will love all the imagination being put into it. Take turns “seeking” out food, come up with a password if anyone needs to re-enter. Real 5-year-old stuff.

Indoor Go-Karting

Turn on some excitement and check out these crazy fast cars. A few quick races to get some adrenalin pumping and some natural but friendly competition will automatically take charge. Slam your foot on the gas pedal otherwise, you will get left behind. SHOW NO MERCY.

Ice Blocking

Spring is here and I wouldn’t say it's warm enough for a slip-n-slide but a nice ice block session could be just as satisfying. TIP: Exxon and Rebel gas stations sell ice blocks. Put a towel down on the ice block, pick your feet up and throw your body forward to force yourself down the hill. After a few tries, the ice will become extremely slippery and you’ll go flying. This will look great on a boomerang, because let's be real, pics or it didn’t happen.

Take a Spontaneous Trip to Nowhere

Turn off your GPS and turn on your sense of curiosity. Rent from Turo and choose the vehicle YOU want to take on your adventure. Rent a classic ride or upgrade to a Tesla and drive to the outskirts of town. Blast some music, roll the windows down and let the feel good vibes flow through you. If you are feeling extra saucy, go for the best rental they have and turn some heads along the way.

Fruit Ninja- Real Life Edition

Buy a ton of different fruits like apples, pineapples, or even peppers. Grab a bat and some trash bags, have someone throw the fruit and then destroy it with the bat! Goggles are encouraged but not required. It sounds juvenile but TRUST me, you’ll be mad when you run out of ammo.

Sunset Hikes

Hiking is usually a morning thing but put a twist on it and watch the sun set behind the mountains. This does take some skilled timing so be sure you get to your secret spot in time and out of there before it is completely dark.

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