UNLV Parking During Finals Week As Told By The Hunger Games

Monday, April 24, 2017

School is almost out, just a few more finals, an essay or two, and one more presentation to sit through. You know you can see the light at the end of the tunnel... oh wait, that is actually someone flashing their brights because you're moving too slow in the black lot.  Here we have it friends, the cherry on top of all college campuses... parking. During finals week, this is a war zone. No one is safe and The Hunger Games does a pretty accurate job at describing our blistering emotions.

You have to wake up an hour earlier because you know you will have to fight for a spot

 bad girls club bgc hunger games GIF

Driving in and seeing half of the lot already blocked off

 the hunger games thg hunger games GIF
Convinced UNLV gets a kick out of seeing us scramble during the most important part of the semester.

So you begin to casually stalk people who are walking to their car with hopes you will get their spot

 the hunger games GIF

Then you become enraged when some jerk whips in front of you and steals said spot

 movies the hunger games hunger games confronting pinning to wall GIF

You find yourself driving in circles just trying to find any sliver to squeeze into

 hunger games GIF

All hope is gone by the third lap

Then you start yelling at no one because people are backing out but you are six cars behind and don't stand a chance

 graphics catching fire hunger games catching fire trailer GIF

You contemplate parking in the tow away zone because you are THAT desperate

 haymitch abernathy GIF

You get a jolt of excitement as you see an open slice amidst two cars...again

 excited yes hunger games exciting GIF
The holy grail of parking...

Then someone else takes it and that someone probably hasn't shown up to class since syllabus week.

 hunger games party katniss leave bucknellstruggles GIF
What gives you the right?!

Being super excited you found a spot just to find out theres a smart car parked there.

 movies the hunger games hunger games GIF

From afar you see someone give you the nod and you speed demon over to their spot

 hunger games GIF

After you have parked you do a mini celebration in your car

 the hunger games thg games hunger games hg GIF

Then you are running through the lot praying to the classroom gods the doors are not locked yet

 the hunger games the hunger games gif GIF

You make your way back and find a ticket on your window

 love jennifer lawrence fight the hunger games katniss everdeen GIF


  1. Haha, I do NOT miss the parking lot battles during finals week! Good luck with finals. Hope you do well!


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