What Rachel From The Bachelorette Taught Me About The Love Journey

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let's just all take a second and be honest with ourselves that The Bachelor/ Bachelorette series is some top quality trash television. The idea that contestants have eight weeks to find love is utterly ridiculous yet every Monday we tune in to see the tears, drama, and overall romance. In truth, despite what the show portrays, there can be some words of wisdom throughout the series, even if it means doing the exact opposite of what we see.


Mostly because the season is over so you should know by now but if for some reason you behind do not read any further. 

Let me recap for you so you can see where I'm coming from.

Peter and Bryan are the two contestants left. Don't even pretend to act surprised that Eric was voted off, we all saw that coming.

Peter and Rachel have clear feelings for one another. Emotions run high with them, and you can tell they care about being together. HOWEVER, Peter is unable to commit to a proposal because a proposal is like marriage to him and he is not comfortable proposing to someone he met eight weeks ago.

Bryan is so committed to Rachel. She is the light of his world, and I genuinely believe Rachel has strong feelings for him. They do have a good tie together. He said he was starting to fall for her on episode two; what is that like four days in? Bryan is so ready to propose even though the closer it gets to the end the more distant Rachel becomes but he is just waiting for that final rose. The boy has patience; I'll give him that.

All Rachel has been saying this ENTIRE season is how she wants a proposal at the end of this. No one told me she was looking for love.

You can be in love with two people at the same time.

Scratch that three people, did't she tell Dean she was falling in love with him too? 
Ben Higgins did it, so can Rachel. This is still a very new concept for the bachelor(ette). Typically, the bachelorette is NOT allowed to express love feelings of any kind to the contestant until one of them is down on one knee. I would just hate to be the guy that gets married to the girl who said "I love you" with REAL GENUINE TEARS in her eyes to another man when that same girl is more excited about the Neil Lane ring than the words coming out of your mouth during a proposal. That was a mouthful, but so was Bryan's proposal.

The weather is a clear indicator of what matrimony with your person will look like

I think I had to pause and rewind at least six times because while Rachel and Bryan are trying to have an intimate moment, the building they're next to is about to topple over on them. It looks like the couple is off to a rocky start already.

Love makes you really dumb

Okay, Rachel has a degree, is a lawyer, the daughter of a judge, and is an overall educated human being. Peter does not want to get married after eight weeks, how is that an illogical argument.

You CAN settle for a proposal and still be happy

If happiness looks like a three carrot fantasy Neil Lane engagement ring and a guy who is not the one you were fighting for then I think Rachel has her match made in heaven. Diamonds are forever, right Rachel? I think Bryan will make Rachel very happy, but at the end of the day, Bryan looks like such a sucker in this whole love triangle.

Rejection makes you see the light

When did Rachel know she wanted Bryan? When Peter said no.

Ultimately, this show is about finding the one thing we are all seeking. Take away what you can and run with it because if Chris Harrison has anything to say about it, there are no rules when it comes to the journey of love.

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