Trick or Treat Yo'self: The Best Treat I Scored on Halloween

October 31st is right around the corner, and you know what that means. FREE CANDY!

Well, free candy for those who can still pass as 12 or under, but for us adults, it means we actually have to purchase candy. And what's worse is it is not even for us! I guess its payback for all the free candy I took when I was a tot.

FLASHBACK: It's 2005, and I am dressed as my version of Soldier. My costume used to be an old dance recital costume. Those suckers are expensive so mom would try to get me to reuse them whenever I can. I secretly didn't mind because I felt so fab in it. 

I think I was getting to that age when I may be too old for trick or treating but a big part of me still wants to go out and score some fun-sized candy bars, king size if I was feeling EXTRA lucky. Well, the ghouls of the night must've been watching over me because October 31st of 2005 had to of been the prime of my Hallow Eves.

I am going from neighborhood to neighborhood collecting all the goods and some not so goods. Word to the wise, do not give out pennies to trick or treaters. You're better off turning your light off. We don't want your stinkin' pennies.

I was about halfway through the night, and my hand is getting tired from holding my pumpkin filled with gold. At least to me, it was. We (my fantastic group which consisted of a witch, fairy, and a Disney princess) switched streets, and I caught a second wind as I was overwhelmed by the slew trick-or-treaters. It was like something out of Halloweentown! All the porch lights were on and every house, until the end of the street, was decorated to the nines. Graveyards, blow-ups, spider webs, OH MY. 

Now, let me set the timeline for you. 2005 was the year of significant movements. Coke Zero was released this year, same with Game Wave, Twitches, The Pacifier, Game Boy Micro, the Apple Remote (version 1.0) and Trump Vodka. Apparently, '05 was the plug for movies, drinks, and technology.

Back to 2005

I get to the 4th house on the street.
*Knock knock*
*Ding dong*
*Door opens*
"TRICK OR TREAT!" We said this in unison because we had a lot of practice by then. Mrs. Phillips (I'm not sure if that was her name but she was a cute old lady, and it seemed appropriate) told us how cute we looked and tried to guess our costumes, which she nailed, even mine! She brought out a tray full of KING SIZED candy bars. The holy grail of childhood trick or treating. They were mostly Snickers but I spied a 3 Musketeers in the corner and almost knocked fairy over to get it.


That wasn't even the best part of the night. How anti-climatic would that of been?

Fast forward to the 9th house on the street.
*Knock knock*
*Ding dong*
*Door opens*
A middle age guy dressed as Darth Vader without his mask opened the door and pretended to be scared but realized none of us were all that scary looking. It's okay he saved it with a big "Wow!" He goes to grab his bowl, and he was one of the houses that did those little pre-made trick or treat bags that probably had three pieces of candy in it. Still a score. We said thank you and moved down to the sidewalk. Well, Fairy was like "I'm going to open mine now." Naturally, if my friends jumped off a bridge so would I, and we all tore them open.

OH MY GOODNESS, you would not believe what was inside.

An iPod shuffle. 

A brand new, newly released iPod shuffle.

WHAT?! Screw my 3 Musketeers your girl is going home with a new music playing device. We each got one, and as we looked around, we saw other kids just as ecstatic. Headless Darth Vader Sir, you just upped the trick-or-treat game so many levels, and I salute you.

One of these days I hope to provide as much joy to a kiddo with my passing out skills as you did for me that night.

15 Halloween Movies For Those Staying In This Season

Break out the pumpkin spice popcorn because Halloween is here! Seriously, break it out, that stuff is so yummy.
There are two types of Halloween-ers out there. Ha, hallo-wieners.
Those who dress up in ridiculous DIY or over the top costumes, while playing ghosts in the graveyard with pumpkin spice flavored vodka.

...and those who pass out candy, while hanging at home, eating said candy, scaring their flannel pajama bottoms off themselves because they popped in a scary movie they know they cannot handle.

AKA me, minus the horror movies. I don't particularly like things that horrify me.

So, if you're pulling a "me" this October grab your zebra print snuggie, yes, I know you have one, and get comfy because it will take you roughly 1,346 minutes to get through these movies. Okay, not approximately, exactly 1,346 minutes (a little more than 22 hours). I did the math.

That's enough film to last you mmm.. about a whole weekend. Then you're on your own for the actual holiday. Don't spin it all in one place.


If you are any sort of a 90s baby you will appreciate the trouble the Mowry sisters get into to save their kingdom from the force of darkness. These twins separated at birth met unexpectedly when the fate of their 21st birthday powers bring them together, and the future of their kingdom is now in their hands.

Addams Family

Conveniently located on a Netflix stream near you. The Addams may be creepy, spooky, with a unique way of living life, but all is threatened when Fester, the father's brother, comes to the door and has the Addams evicted from their home. "Fester" has plans to snag the family fortune but not if Gomez and Morticia has anything to say about it. All the kooks come out on All Hallows Eve so enjoy this twisted treat.

Mom's Got a Date With A Vampire

The plot of the story is in the title. If you're looking for a predictable yet entertaining flick for the night, look no further. Mom is set up on a blind date so her grounded kids can attend their previously planned activities but not if the youngest has anything to say to about it. Mom's going on a date with a member of the undead, and it is up to Taylor to convince her.

Practical Magic 

The love spell is in the air. The Owen sisters avoid their magical powers until desperate times call for drastic measures. The sisters take a crash course on practical magic (hence the name) when one of the sister's boyfriend dies unexpectedly. Instead of bringing the boyfriend back to life they inject the fool with evil who tries to end their family line. Plus, Sandra Bullock is acting in this so it's obviously a grand time of a movie.


This is a regular fave. It doesn't even need to be Halloween for me to pop this sucker in the blue ray. Probably the only movie by Tim Burton I would recommend. Once the Maitland's realize they're dead, the Deetzes have already torn apart their home and moved in. Due to an ungodly long waiting list to cross over, the Maitlands are stuck in the house for the next 50 years with these kooks. They have to scare them off or make peace with them somehow, and Beetlejuice just might be their answer.

The Little Vampire

The little tot Tony recently moved to Scotland and is having a better time making enemies than friends until he meets Rudolph. The only problem is Rudolph is a vampire, and there is a hunter out there ready to wipe out the vampire race. They're not just best friends, they're blood brothers, and Tony has to save them.


This movie is the scary movie for people who don't like scary movies. It's creepy enough to give you goosebumps but still, let you snuggle into your bed at night. Secret doors are never a good idea to explore but in Coraline's case behind her hidden hallway was a parallel universe, only better. Until all of the characters in the other world want her to stay with them forever!

Fun Size

Wrens dysfunctional family is extra dysfunctional this Halloween night. Her mom leaves Wren to take her little brother trick-or-treating for her way too young boyfriends Halloween party. Wren got invited to the party of the year, but instead of going to that she loses her brother in a sea of trick-or-treaters and seeks out to find him. Her friend is a little eccentric too. This movie calls for some good laughs.

Under Wraps

Don't tell mom you just found a 3 million-year-old mummy, but do tell your Halloween obsessed friend.  Once the mummy comes to life, and he is not put back in his coffin before midnight on Halloween he will cease to exist. Someone evil is out to get Harold, and the kids have to make sure he rests peacefully.

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

Bet you forgot about this gem. The 70s were prime Halloween making movie time, lemme tell ya. The Witch rumors she is trying to end Halloween (ugh, why) but Dracula will not have it. He rallies all of his undead homies to provide a Hallows Eve ultimatum; to regain their frightening image or leave this Transylvanian castle forever. This short film truly captures the Halloween spirit.

The Possession

A little girl walks into a garage sale... and buys an antique box. Seems normal right? Not when there is a spirit living in it. She took terrible juju from one house to the next. The soul inhabits the little girl's body trying to find a way to cross over... or cross back. I'd rank this movie pretty high on my spooky factor. There are a lot of suspenseful scenes.

Warm Bodies

A hopeless romantic that portrays the opposite characteristics of flesh-eating zombies. Instead of wiping out the human race, R, saves a still-living girl, Julie, and the two start up a relationship that could transform the entire lifeless world.  He's still dead but he's getting warmer. A little break from the nail-biter you previously watched if you're going in order.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This is a doozy to drink with a bottle of Pinot Noir next to you. Comical scary but can still make you jump a teeny bit. It follows the plot line of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to a T with some flesh eating aesthetics involved.

13 Ghosts

 A classic horror film if you get the 1960's version. Classic. It is in black and white. The Zorba family inherits a home from their uncle who is eccentric, to say the least, that supposedly has a fortune hidden within its walls, when they're not shifting. Someone or something is determined to make sure the family doesn't find the treasure. Join in on the fun if you have any original 3-D viewing glasses. Rumor is you can see ghosts roaming about the set.


It is named after the holiday. You HAVE to watch it. Maybe grab a friend for this one though. John Carpenter brought out his slasher side for this one. The psychopath Michael Myers slaughters his older sister on Halloween night, is sent away, escapes and seeks out more people victims this Halloween. Oh yeah, he was only 6 when he murdered his 17-year-old sister.

You'll notice I didn't list Hocus Pocus because we all know that is going to be included in any given Halloween list, anywhere. It is accounted for... trust me.

Any other movie suggestions I missed?

Happy Haunting,

13 Things You Should Probably Avoid on Friday The 13th (Unless You're A Black Cat)

For how much I look forward to Friday's, I was surprised to find out historically, Fridays are incredibly unlucky.  Fridays are frowned upon for numerous reasons such as it being Hangman's Day in medieval times, the day Jesus was crucified, and weddings were not allowed on Fridays.

There was no real evidence when the number 13 and Friday became linked, but we would probably be better off if no one ever put them together, yet here we are. I'm very familiar with stepping under a ladder and breaking mirror constitutes lousy luck but what about other everyday activities? Hate to break it to ya, but there is bad luck all around us.

1. Yawning

If you must yawn cover your mouth. In general, this is just practicing good manners, but some superstitions say if you do not go over your mouth this could lead to illness or demonic characteristics because the devil is watching for a chance to enter your soul. Leave nothing to chance today, friends.

2. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed

It's considered unlucky to get out of bed with your left leg, and it is doubly unfortunate if it is on the other side of the bed than the side you fell asleep on. Who knew you had to be so conscious while being unconscious? This does not sound like an excellent start to your Friday. To avoid bad luck, you're supposed to get out of the same side of the bed you got into. My problem is remembering which side I got into. Yikes.

3. Taking a group photo

According to some beliefs, if multiple people are photographed together it is believed that things will go wrong for the one in the middle. Perhaps you can coax your least favorite of the group to stand dead center.

4. Vending machines

Two people die from vending machines falling on them a year. The odds are not in your favor on Friday the 13th.

5. Driving

Yeah, I know. The epitome of our transportation existence is swirling with bad luck. Studies have shown that car accidents increase by 52% on unlucky days like such. Staying at home is recommended today... and always.

6. Getting the chills

It is believed that someone is walking or dancing over your grave when you get those tiny little goose bumps up your spine. Not dead? Maybe you're an older soul than you thought...

7. Walking alone in a dark alley

You really shouldn't do this on any day, but it is especially eerie on Friday the 13th, in October. There isn't a superstition attached to this I just highly encourage no one to walk in an alley, at dark, by themselves. You never know what could happen. You could cross a black cat's path, and then you just duped yourself, sucker.

8. Stepping on a crack

You'll break your Mama's back. You know the drill.

9. Having a dinner party with 13 participants

Aside from the biblical story of Jesus and the 12 disciples in which Judas betrayed Jesus and was (un)lucky number 13 to show up at The Last Supper. Also, there has been a rumor that if 13 people meet in a room, one of them will die within a year so if you have 13 attending you better tell one of them to keep on steppin'.

10. Boarding that boat

...if you're a female. Equality shmuality when it comes to this superstition. Ladies boarding a boat, especially on a Friday, are destined to bring watery doom to the ship.

11. Cutting your hair

Legend has it you're cutting "ties, " and someone in your family will die. I know, that is exceptionally morbid, but it is also wise to avoid this because walking out of the salon, on Friday the 13th with a new haircut is screaming lousy luck. Don't risk the locks hunny.

12. The 13th floor of a building

If you are unlucky enough to have a job on the 13th floor, call out of the office, and consider calling out of your job. If you're on the 14th floor and the building eliminated the number 13,  are you still on the 13th floor? Hmm...

13. Walking backward

I'm all about retracing steps but walking backward will let the devil know where you are headed. Keep that on lockdown; he doesn't need to know your business.

Just when you think you're done, always, always, always remember lousy luck comes in threes.

If any of these unfortunate events happen to fall on you, you can always spin around seven times. Maybe your omens will go away but that viral video I just got of you will not.

Happy Haunting!

A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites

In case you haven't heard about or seen on social media... IT'S FALL. 

Who's excited? 

Like any other basic b out there, Fall is my favorite season. The moment I start to smell pumpkin and apple cider scents throughout the mall my heart skips a beat. I may live in a desert, but there's something special about grabbing a blanket, some hot chocolate and gettin' cozy by the fire (or heater) to kick off the season.

Since I live in a desert though, my list of fall favorites slightly differs than the usual sweaters, coffee, pumpkin charade. Do not be fooled though, as those are all still included.

Trader Joes Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

I swear to you, these chips will change your season. Pumpkin spice and everything nice is, well, nice but these chips smell like nutmeg and taste like tortilla chips. I bought five bags in case this post went viral, and Trader Joe's runs out. Okay, that's a lie they're limited edition, and I want to make sure I have enough for the whole season. Pair these with a fun mango salsa for the ultimate pumpkin carving, soiree, nibbler dish. 

A Fall playlist 

Which I am currently, listening to while writing this. Nothing sets the mood more than my Autumn & Chill song frenzy. It is 45 songs long (and counting), so you won't have to worry about any awkward pauses between playlists. I've been vibin' a lot of John Mayer meets Drake, so the next song is not too predictable.

Sweet Home, Alabama

There is nothing prominently Fall like about this movie except for the fact it takes place in the Fall. It is a classic romantic comedy that will for sure put you in the mood for the upcoming season. Catch me curled up in my favorite sweater, on my Craigs listed couch, and a bowl of candy corn for half of the season.

Sockwell Socks

These socks will change your life. They're not fuzzy, they do not separate your toes or even call out to unicorns, BUT these socks do make your foot feel super secure. They cocoon my arch in a way no other sock has. They provide the thermal aspect but also breathability. Primarily, I can wear them with my boots but not worry about my feet getting too hot. It's 80 degrees people, remember? 

Baggy Sweaters

Told ya not to fool yourself. I'm currently living in this highly loose sweater because it offers a breeze on my belly when I walk, and it's apparently in style. It's October, so it is still like 80 degrees in the desert. But how am I supposed to take fall like pictures if I'm still rocking shorts and a tank top?

Autumn Chillers

Toasting the arrival of Fall with this yummy festive drink that does not require a coffee mug, because, well, it's still kind of warm outside. It is a mixture of orange juice, sparkling apple cider, ginger beer, ice, and cranberries. I promise you will feel warm on the inside. The full recipe is HERE.

Boots, specifically these boots

I bet you will never guess where I got these. Skechers. I swear by their boot selection. Skechers is entirely off the fashion grid providing a unique fall look. Anyways, why these boots? Well, they're not leather, so they do not get hot. They're versatile, so I can roll them up or down but most importantly, they have glitter in them. Nothing spices up pumpkin spice season like a few flakes of gold! 

Tanning Lotion

I have to face reality that what little of a summer glow I got over the past few months will not last naturally.

The Classics of Jane Austen

I read these every season. There is something so homely about reading a book you could essentially recite from memory. I have two versions of this book with the same four novels inside. Catch me on my porch with a beer and book. Cheers to you Ms. Austen.

An overwhelmingly big scarf

Because they just scream fall.

An overwhelmingly big scarf that also doubles as a blanket

Talk about universal uses.

My Moonroof

Considering I have never had my own moonroof until this year, it has only been fall for about a week, and this has made my fall favorites list indicates this has to be a fall essential. It is windows down driving weather friends! If your window isn't down while driving then WYD?

Denim Skirts and Turtlenecks

I picked up these gems from Forever 21 over the summer, and I can FINALLY wear them. I feel a little excessive wearing a turtleneck and jeans in Las Vegas but pairing my long sleeve with a skirt... I find a tad bit of justice in that.

Fall lipstick colors

They're fun,  festive and won't melt off your face in this weather. Scorage! I highly recommend NARS Charlotte and Kiko Milano's Metal 04 Copper (moment of silence for mine as I lost it at Oktoberfest) for all of your fall pumpkin patch outings. 

My favorite coffee mug

It's my favorite because it is exceptionally photogenic. I know how, bloggeresque of me. This coffee mug has never seen coffee. It only knows whiskey and some form of apple cider, hot chocolate, or Butter Beer mixture. Yes, this cup is RESERVED for Autumn.  

Candy corn

Candy corn is the epitome of Fall, and we all know it. DONT ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS. For just $2.49 at Target you can have my heart for Halloween. 

Hometown Heartache: A Tragedy In My Own Backyard

Merely days ago the shooting with the highest death count in the United States occurred in my city. Never in my life did I expect this. I feel very fortunate to have not been in Las Vegas during the incident, but that doesn't mean there was not a dark cloud lingering over me.

It was midnight in Vegas, but midday in Germany and I was finding it so hard to distract myself from the heartache in my hometown. Being so far away and only having what I saw online to try to understand was incredibly frustrating. Seeing all of the different stories pop up, not knowing which was right and waiting hours between media briefs was exhausting. I received texts saying it was a good thing I wasn't home but that's the only place I wanted to be. All I wanted to do was hug my family and make sure all of my loved ones were accounted for. It felt wrong continuing on my life in Germany while those back home were facing such horrible circumstances. I wish I could have been there to help.

Flying in from international lines and seeing the city that never sleeps so quiet and still was extraordinarily sobering and made everything very real for me. Up until this point, I wasn't sure what to feel, but I get it now.

From a global perspective, Las Vegas should be extremely proud of their selflessness. Seeing the community, local and afar,  pull together was so humbling. Beyond the grief and despair, it is incredibly heartwarming to see photos of people lined up to donate blood, news articles of first responders going above and beyond to save lives and to see multiple people raising money to aid victims of the Las Vegas incident. Las Vegas is home, and this is my home.

There were 59 casualties, and over 500 injured and not one of them was someone I personally knew but Las Vegas is a small community, and we are all within one degree of knowing someone that was. We hear about these things quite often, but we don't realize how real they are until it happens in our own backyard.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is affected by this tragedy. I've seen some healing occurring while others are still worrying. I know this will be a process, but I hope those in need of some extra support understand we as a community are there for them. I have been continuously reminding myself that life goes on and we are #VegasStrong.

Home means Nevada.