13 Things You Should Probably Avoid on Friday The 13th (Unless You're A Black Cat)

Friday, October 13, 2017

For how much I look forward to Friday's, I was surprised to find out historically, Fridays are incredibly unlucky.  Fridays are frowned upon for numerous reasons such as it being Hangman's Day in medieval times, the day Jesus was crucified, and weddings were not allowed on Fridays.

There was no real evidence when the number 13 and Friday became linked, but we would probably be better off if no one ever put them together, yet here we are. I'm very familiar with stepping under a ladder and breaking mirror constitutes lousy luck but what about other everyday activities? Hate to break it to ya, but there is bad luck all around us.

1. Yawning

If you must yawn cover your mouth. In general, this is just practicing good manners, but some superstitions say if you do not go over your mouth this could lead to illness or demonic characteristics because the devil is watching for a chance to enter your soul. Leave nothing to chance today, friends.

2. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed

It's considered unlucky to get out of bed with your left leg, and it is doubly unfortunate if it is on the other side of the bed than the side you fell asleep on. Who knew you had to be so conscious while being unconscious? This does not sound like an excellent start to your Friday. To avoid bad luck, you're supposed to get out of the same side of the bed you got into. My problem is remembering which side I got into. Yikes.

3. Taking a group photo

According to some beliefs, if multiple people are photographed together it is believed that things will go wrong for the one in the middle. Perhaps you can coax your least favorite of the group to stand dead center.

4. Vending machines

Two people die from vending machines falling on them a year. The odds are not in your favor on Friday the 13th.

5. Driving

Yeah, I know. The epitome of our transportation existence is swirling with bad luck. Studies have shown that car accidents increase by 52% on unlucky days like such. Staying at home is recommended today... and always.

6. Getting the chills

It is believed that someone is walking or dancing over your grave when you get those tiny little goose bumps up your spine. Not dead? Maybe you're an older soul than you thought...

7. Walking alone in a dark alley

You really shouldn't do this on any day, but it is especially eerie on Friday the 13th, in October. There isn't a superstition attached to this I just highly encourage no one to walk in an alley, at dark, by themselves. You never know what could happen. You could cross a black cat's path, and then you just duped yourself, sucker.

8. Stepping on a crack

You'll break your Mama's back. You know the drill.

9. Having a dinner party with 13 participants

Aside from the biblical story of Jesus and the 12 disciples in which Judas betrayed Jesus and was (un)lucky number 13 to show up at The Last Supper. Also, there has been a rumor that if 13 people meet in a room, one of them will die within a year so if you have 13 attending you better tell one of them to keep on steppin'.

10. Boarding that boat

...if you're a female. Equality shmuality when it comes to this superstition. Ladies boarding a boat, especially on a Friday, are destined to bring watery doom to the ship.

11. Cutting your hair

Legend has it you're cutting "ties, " and someone in your family will die. I know, that is exceptionally morbid, but it is also wise to avoid this because walking out of the salon, on Friday the 13th with a new haircut is screaming lousy luck. Don't risk the locks hunny.

12. The 13th floor of a building

If you are unlucky enough to have a job on the 13th floor, call out of the office, and consider calling out of your job. If you're on the 14th floor and the building eliminated the number 13,  are you still on the 13th floor? Hmm...

13. Walking backward

I'm all about retracing steps but walking backward will let the devil know where you are headed. Keep that on lockdown; he doesn't need to know your business.

Just when you think you're done, always, always, always remember lousy luck comes in threes.

If any of these unfortunate events happen to fall on you, you can always spin around seven times. Maybe your omens will go away but that viral video I just got of you will not.

Happy Haunting!

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