A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites

Monday, October 9, 2017

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In case you haven't heard about or seen on social media... IT'S FALL. 

Who's excited? 

Like any other basic b's out there, Fall is my favorite season. The moment I start to smell pumpkin and apple cider scents throughout the mall my heart skips a beat. I may live in a desert, but there's something special about grabbing a blanket, some hot chocolate and gettin' cozy by the fire (or heater) to kick off the season.

Since I live in a desert though, my list of fall favorites slightly differs than the usual sweaters, coffee, pumpkin charade. Do not be fooled though, as those are all still included.

Trader Joes Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

I swear to you, these chips will change your season. Pumpkin spice and everything nice is, well, nice but these chips smell like nutmeg and taste like tortilla chips. I bought five bags in case this post went viral, and Trader Joe's runs out. Okay, that's a lie they're limited edition, and I want to make sure I have enough for the whole season. Pair these with a fun mango salsa for the ultimate pumpkin carving, soiree, nibbler dish.

A Fall playlist

Autumn playlist with all your fall favorites
Which I am currently, listening to while writing this. Nothing sets the mood more than my Autumn & Chill song frenzy. It is 45 songs long (and counting), so you won't have to worry about any awkward pauses between playlists. I've been vibin' a lot of John Mayer meets Drake, so the next song is not too predictable.

Sweet Home, Alabama

There is nothing prominently Fall like about this movie except for the fact it takes place in the Fall. It is a classic romantic comedy that will for sure put you in the mood for the upcoming season. Catch me curled up in my favorite sweater, on my Craigs listed couch, and a bowl of candy corn for half of the season.

Sockwell Socks

A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites- Sockwell Socks

These socks will change your life. They're not fuzzy, they do not separate your toes or even call out to unicorns, BUT these socks do make your foot feel super secure. They cocoon my arch in a way no other sock has. They provide the thermal aspect but also breathability. Primarily, I can wear them with my boots but not worry about my feet getting too hot. It's 80 degrees people, remember? 

Baggy Sweaters

A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites- Huge baggy sweaters

Told ya not to fool yourself. I'm currently living in this highly loose sweater because it offers a breeze on my belly when I walk, and it's apparently in style. It's October, so it is still like 80 degrees in the desert. But how am I supposed to take fall like pictures if I'm still rocking shorts and a tank top?

Autumn Chillers

Toasting the arrival of Fall with this yummy festive drink that does not require a coffee mug, because, well, it's still kind of warm outside. It is a mixture of orange juice, sparkling apple cider, ginger beer, ice, and cranberries. I promise you will feel warm on the inside. The full recipe is HERE.

Boots, specifically these boots

A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites- Combat boots

I bet you will never guess where I got these. Skechers. I swear by their boot selection. Skechers is entirely off the fashion grid providing a unique fall look. Anyways, why these boots? Well, they're not leather, so they do not get hot. They're versatile, so I can roll them up or down but most importantly, they have glitter in them. Nothing spices up pumpkin spice season like a few flakes of gold! 

Tanning Lotion

I have to face the reality that what little of a summer glow I got over the past few months will not last naturally.

The Classics of Jane Austen

A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites- a good book

I read these every season. There is something so homely about reading a book you could essentially recite from memory. I have two versions of this book with the same four novels inside. Catch me on my porch with a beer and book. Cheers to you Ms. Austen.

An overwhelmingly big scarf

A Desert Rat's List Of Fall Favorites- Wrap around scarves

Because they just scream fall.

An overwhelmingly big scarf that also doubles as a blanket

Talk about universal uses.

My Moonroof

Considering I have never had my own moonroof until this year, it has only been fall for about a week, and this has made my Fall favorites list indicates this has to be a fall essential. It is windows-down driving weather friends! If your window isn't down while driving then WYD?

Denim Skirts and Turtlenecks

I picked up these gems from Forever 21 over the summer, and I can FINALLY wear them. I feel a little excessive wearing a turtleneck and jeans in Las Vegas but pairing my long sleeve with a skirt... I find a tad bit of justice in that.

Fall lipstick colors

They're fun,  festive and won't melt off your face in this weather. Scorage! I highly recommend NARS Charlotte and Kiko Milano's Metal 04 Copper (moment of silence for mine as I lost it at Oktoberfest) for all of your fall pumpkin patch outings. 

My favorite coffee mug

It's my favorite because it is exceptionally photogenic. I know how, bloggeresque of me. This coffee mug has never seen coffee. It only knows whiskey and some form of apple cider, hot chocolate, or Butter Beer mixture. Yes, this cup is RESERVED for Autumn.  

Candy corn

Candy corn is the epitome of Fall, and we all know it. DONT ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS. For just $2.49 at Target you can have my heart for Halloween. 

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