Why Bali Is the Perfect Place to Take the Kids

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It is no secret that kids are not my forte but I still tolerate their existence. Especially when it comes to family reunions and vacations, I don't mind them being around me as long as I am not solely responsible for them. With that being said, Indonesia boasts a whopping 17,508 islands, but, none of these islands are as beautiful or as child-friendly as Bali. Yep, Bali really is the perfect place to take the kids on vacation. Want to see why? Make sure to read on then.

Waterborn Park

Waterborn Park, located in the famous area of Kuta, Bali, is a waterpark that is unrivaled in the whole world, let alone in Southeast Asia. It is unrivaled simply because of how much it offers to both kids and big kids alike.

Upon a visit here you and the family can move around the park at your own pace. The kiddos can enjoy rides such as the Constrictor the Python and the Superbowl, and I can enjoy the swim-up bars and the tropical drinks they serve. Just be aware, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

If you’d rather stay dry on your family vacay, however, then there are adventure Holiday packages to Bali that don’t involve any water whatsoever. One such package includes the Mount Batur Sunrise trek, upon which you and your family would get the chance to circumvent one of the most sacred mountains in Hindu belief with a professional tour guide. As you do so, you and the kids will be able to take in the sights of an unforgettable sunrise, the likes of which you can only experience on top of an active volcano. Plus, how cool of a show-and-tell story would that make?

Treetop Adventure Park

Or if you’d prefer to stay as far away from an active volcano as possible as well as water, then why not head to the Bali Treetop Adventure Park? Here, you and the tots will be able to challenge each other to races on the various treetop assault courses and circuits, meaning this is the perfect place for active families with a competitive edge. What’s more, if you want to get your children experiencing a true outdoor activity in the hope that they will take to it and want to partake in back at home, too, then this adventure park a great place to take them too (if they are over the required age of four, that is).

Safari & Marine Park

Don’t worry, there are places in Bali that don’t require you having to run around after your children at water or adventure parks or trekking up a mountain. No, there are places in Bali that will allow you and the family to enjoy this beautiful island whilst sitting down; one such place is the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Here, you and your children can get up close and personal with the wildlife that call this corner of the world their home from the comfort of a specially protected vehicle, and learn a lot about them as you do so.

Bali truly is a place that welcomes children of all ages, even me when sometimes I forget I'm 23 when I'm battling a 9-year-old over the floating flamingo. So, when it comes to booking and planning your next family travelling adventure, make sure you give this beautiful Indonesian island a thought!

13 Things You Inevitably Need To Be Thankful For This Year

Well, it is Thanksgiving and it is only appropriate that I post about what I am thankful for... since I'll have to answer this question at the dinner table. Of course, I am thankful for having such amazing people in my life, a job that I love, and anything else that contributes happiness in my life (*cough cough* Chris Pratt) but I want to take a little time and recognize the things that don't get as much appreciation on this holiday. They deserve to have a shoutout too. 

1. Romphims

Oh, yea. We're starting with those. TBH, I don't hate them. I expect the new emerging boy band to tour in these otherwise all of my expectations will be crushed. 

2. Salt Bae

Changing the internet one meme at a time

3. Metallic Lipgloss

Move over Matte. Metallic is here and it's not leaving.

4. Hangover Food

In this health kick of a world we live in THANK GOD there is still a greasy breakfast sandwich I can sink my teeth into.

5. Direct Deposit

Followed by my paycheck hitting my bank account on Black Friday.

6. Amazon Firestick

Seriously, where would I and my wine bottle be without you and all fo your televised goodness?

7. Target

They have everything I need (which is also dangerous), a killer snack bar, and their holy grail of a dollar spot is constantly stacked with good finds. Need I say more?

8. Puns

My entire social media realm is based on them. Shoutout to the quirky jokesters out there.

9. Amazon Prime (Yes, Amazon is on here again)

Mostly because they have all 5 Seasons of Sex and the City on Prime Video but the two-day shipping thing is kinda cool too.

10. The Vertical Tool Bar on Snapchat

There are so many features. Emoji brush, looping videos, magic eraser, OH MY!

11. DILFs of Disneyland is back online

Click here... You're welcome

12. Hair Wash Days

Strategically planned around days I have a social engagement and payday because it cuts down on my water bill.

13. That your friends and family love you no matter what

Through thick and thin...

11 Things You Just Can't Be Thankful For In 2017

There is much to be thankful for this holiday season and most take this time to count their blessings.  I appreciate my family, friends, and the fact I walk the same ground as Chris Pratt, but if I'm being honest there's a lot to not be thankful for in this crap shoot year of 2017. Here's to the latter…

1. Pimple anything


Cupcakes, nails....not exactly "poppin" trends in my book. Please go back to cleaning your pores of bad decisions.

2. Squiggly eyebrows

I barely have enough brows to tame let alone make squiggly.

3. Man buns with straight shaved sides

You lost your hair and your dignity when you decided that was a good idea.

4. The fact that seven superhero movies came out this year

Guy has tragic past, finds a love interest, guy meets the villain, superhero becomes powerless in one way or another, damsel in distress plot begins, some moral dilemma and then the big showdown ultimately ending in the superhero winning ... seven times over

5. Rose Gold

Nothing says 2017 like a rose gold iPhone, jewelry, office supplies, etc.

6. Rompers

What a cute little dress.. oh wait, there is a diaper attached to it.

7. Contouring anything else besides your face

Holding us up, or holding us back?

8. My phones battery life

A classic case of more is less, apparently.

9. Mud stained Jeans

Ripped jeans I can get behind but why would I spend money on jeans that were rolled around int eh dirt when I'll probably end up doing that myself.

10. Clear boots

This is something you can't unsee.

11. Calories

Let's eat so much on Thanksgiving that we crash our calorie counting apps.

Be sure to check out 2016's list as well. It's a doozy.

Maroon 5 is Actually Who We Need Performing At The Superbowl

I was lying on my couch depressed after Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers was declared to have ANOTHER collarbone injury putting him out for the season. Again, I am disappointed as I do not see my team continuing onto Superbowl LII (52). 

All I can root for in Superbowl LII is the half-time performer. We can all bet the confetti is en route and the production is in the process, but we're missing one crucial factor, a headliner, and I vote for Maroon 5.

I probably lost a few hipster followers for that but hear me out.

Maroon 5 has released six studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums, one remix album, three EPs, 18 singles, six promotional singles, and 23 music videos. Not to mention they have won two Grammy's for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, and have been nominated several times beyond that. 

These boys are putting in work, and I think we can all agree their performance would be phenomenal. 

The Red Pill Blues tour conveniently starts on May 30th. Giving the band ample time to slide in a halftime performance but still, make their tour start date. If you don't believe in fate, you should now. 

Imagine singing along to these songs in the middle of your living room, munchin' on 7-layer dip while someone is cracking a cold one in the background. That is the embodiment of the Super Bowl. Who else do you know that has songs with such a variety of performers? Whether you want to like them or not, these are songs the American people can all relate too. 

Maroon 5 is the perfect performer for the Super Bowls audience, AKA everyone. They appeal to all ages, genders, races, political beliefs, and religious backgrounds. Maroon 5 is still relevant (they will always be relevant to me), full of eye-candy, and 1000% dedicated to a fantastic performance.

If that is not enough, just think about Adam Levine alone. 

Adam Levine released his own clothing line, became a coach on The Voice, launched 222 Record Label, starred in American Horror Story (season 2) and Family Guy, hosts SNL, launched Eponymous Fragrance Line, received the BMI presidents award and songwriter of the year award, married a Victoria Secret model and STILL finds time to work on his incredible six-pack.

This guy has to be bionic to achieve so many things in one lifetime. 

SPOILER! Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z have been rumored to take the stage in 2018. JT's second chance was Dead & Gone when J. Jackson's wardrobe malfunction occurred. Jay-Z disrespected The Queen and got a whole wrath album dedicated to him. I'll be damned if Jay-Z takes the stage.

I believe if we all ban together and get behind this #Maroon5Movement we can make this the greatest Superbowl halftime shows of all halftime shows. 


How Can You Get Behind the Movement?

You can cast a vote here.

Tweet out to the NFLMaroon 5Superbowl with #Maroon5Movement. You have 140 characters to persuade these people that we want to move like Jagger in our jerseys! 

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