13 Things You Inevitably Need To Be Thankful For This Year

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Well, it is Thanksgiving and it is only appropriate that I post about what I am thankful for... since I'll have to answer this question at the dinner table. Of course, I am thankful for having such amazing people in my life, a job that I love, and anything else that contributes happiness in my life (*cough cough* Chris Pratt) but I want to take a little time and recognize the things that don't get as much appreciation on this holiday. They deserve to have a shoutout too. 

1. Romphims

Oh, yea. We're starting with those. TBH, I don't hate them. I expect the new emerging boy band to tour in these otherwise all of my expectations will be crushed. 

2. Salt Bae

Changing the internet one meme at a time

3. Metallic Lipgloss

Move over Matte. Metallic is here and it's not leaving.

4. Hangover Food

In this health kick of a world we live in THANK GOD there is still a greasy breakfast sandwich I can sink my teeth into.

5. Direct Deposit

Followed by my paycheck hitting my bank account on Black Friday.

6. Amazon Firestick

Seriously, where would I and my wine bottle be without you and all fo your televised goodness?

7. Target

They have everything I need (which is also dangerous), a killer snack bar, and their holy grail of a dollar spot is constantly stacked with good finds. Need I say more?

8. Puns

My entire social media realm is based on them. Shoutout to the quirky jokesters out there.

9. Amazon Prime (Yes, Amazon is on here again)

Mostly because they have all 5 Seasons of Sex and the City on Prime Video but the two-day shipping thing is kinda cool too.

10. The Vertical Tool Bar on Snapchat

There are so many features. Emoji brush, looping videos, magic eraser, OH MY!

11. DILFs of Disneyland is back online

Click here... You're welcome

12. Hair Wash Days

Strategically planned around days I have a social engagement and payday because it cuts down on my water bill.

13. That your friends and family love you no matter what

Through thick and thin...

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