Maroon 5 is Actually Who We Need Performing At The Superbowl

Monday, November 6, 2017

Maroon 5 is Actually Who We Need Performing At The Superbowl

I was lying on my couch depressed after Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers was declared to have ANOTHER collarbone injury putting him out for the season. Again, I am disappointed as I do not see my team continuing onto Superbowl LII (52). 

All I can root for in Superbowl LII is the half-time performer and learn to master my touchdown dance. We can all bet the confetti is en route and the production is in the process, but we're missing one crucial factor, a headliner, and I vote for Maroon 5.

I probably lost a few hipster followers for that but hear me out.

Maroon 5 has released six studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums, one remix album, three EPs, 18 singles, six promotional singles, and 23 music videos. Not to mention they have won two Grammy's for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, and have been nominated several times beyond that. 

These boys are putting in work, and I think we can all agree their performance would be phenomenal. 

The Red Pill Blues tour conveniently starts on May 30th. Giving the band ample time to slide in a halftime performance but still, make their tour start date. If you don't believe in fate, you should now. 

Imagine singing along to these songs in the middle of your living room, munchin' on 7-layer dip while someone is cracking a cold one in the background. That is the embodiment of the Super Bowl. Who else do you know that has songs with such a variety of performers? Whether you want to like them or not, these are songs the American people can all relate too. 

Maroon 5 is the perfect performer for the Super Bowls audience, AKA everyone. They appeal to all ages, genders, races, political beliefs, and religious backgrounds. Maroon 5 is still relevant (they will always be relevant to me), full of eye-candy, and 1000% dedicated to a fantastic performance.

Maroon 5 is Actually Who We Need Performing At The Superbowl

If that is not enough, just think about Adam Levine alone. 

Adam Levine released his own clothing line, became a coach on The Voice, launched 222 Record Label, starred in American Horror Story (season 2) and Family Guy, hosts SNL, launched Eponymous Fragrance Line, received the BMI presidents award and songwriter of the year award, married a Victoria Secret model and STILL finds time to work on his incredible six-pack.

This guy has to be bionic to achieve so many things in one lifetime. 

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z have been rumored to take the stage in 2018. JT's second chance was Dead & Gone when J. Jackson's wardrobe malfunction occurred. Jay-Z disrespected The Queen and got a whole wrath album dedicated to him. I'll be damned if Jay-Z takes the stage.

I believe if we all ban together and get behind this #Maroon5Movement we can make this the greatest Superbowl halftime shows of all halftime shows. 


How Can You Get Behind the Movement?

You can cast a vote here.

Tweet out to the NFLMaroon 5Superbowl with #Maroon5Movement. You have 140 characters to persuade these people that we want to move like Jagger in our jerseys! 

Share this post and spread the word. Let's get some whispers in the producer's ear. 


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