Why Bali Is the Perfect Place to Take the Kids

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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It is no secret that kids are not my forte but I still tolerate their existence. Especially when it comes to family reunions and vacations, I don't mind them being around me as long as I am not solely responsible for them. With that being said, Indonesia boasts a whopping 17,508 islands, but, none of these islands are as beautiful or as child-friendly as Bali. Yep, Bali really is the perfect place to take the kids on vacation. Want to see why? Make sure to read on then.

Waterborn Park

Waterborn Park, located in the famous area of Kuta, Bali, is a waterpark that is unrivaled in the whole world, let alone in Southeast Asia. It is unrivaled simply because of how much it offers to both kids and big kids alike.

Upon a visit here you and the family can move around the park at your own pace. The kiddos can enjoy rides such as the Constrictor the Python and the Superbowl, and I can enjoy the swim-up bars and the tropical drinks they serve. Just be aware, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

If you’d rather stay dry on your family vacay, however, then there are adventure Holiday packages to Bali that don’t involve any water whatsoever. One such package includes the Mount Batur Sunrise trek, upon which you and your family would get the chance to circumvent one of the most sacred mountains in Hindu belief with a professional tour guide. As you do so, you and the kids will be able to take in the sights of an unforgettable sunrise, the likes of which you can only experience on top of an active volcano. Plus, how cool of a show-and-tell story would that make?

Treetop Adventure Park

Or if you’d prefer to stay as far away from an active volcano as possible as well as water, then why not head to the Bali Treetop Adventure Park? Here, you and the tots will be able to challenge each other to races on the various treetop assault courses and circuits, meaning this is the perfect place for active families with a competitive edge. What’s more, if you want to get your children experiencing a true outdoor activity in the hope that they will take to it and want to partake in back at home, too, then this adventure park a great place to take them too (if they are over the required age of four, that is).

Safari & Marine Park

Don’t worry, there are places in Bali that don’t require you having to run around after your children at water or adventure parks or trekking up a mountain. No, there are places in Bali that will allow you and the family to enjoy this beautiful island whilst sitting down; one such place is the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Here, you and your children can get up close and personal with the wildlife that call this corner of the world their home from the comfort of a specially protected vehicle, and learn a lot about them as you do so.

Bali truly is a place that welcomes children of all ages, even me when sometimes I forget I'm 23 when I'm battling a 9-year-old over the floating flamingo. So, when it comes to booking and planning your next family travelling adventure, make sure you give this beautiful Indonesian island a thought!

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