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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A night out with food is always a good night out. The only way a friend can get me to leave my cocoon of a bed is if they mention anything having to do with free food. Considering the human race has a penchant for eating, and sometimes (or all the time) overeating, it’s a common activity a lot of us, our friends and family will do together. Over eating that is, not just eating. Don’t get it twisted. However, don’t let eating out get boring by trying the same things in the same venues all the time. Spice up your food outing plate with a little difference in scenery and environment. 

Eat in the Big Cities

A lot of the time the more quirky restaurants, bars, and nightclubs will be found in capital cities. Take London in ol’ England for example.  Not that I go there on the regular but you can find plenty of great local spots within a few feet of each other, or if you have spare time and money you can take a tour around all 50 capitals of the United States. Las Vegas is the same way.

Cities are famous for food. Local cuisine is a huge contributing factor to weekend vacations. Sometimes there are more food variances within countries than between them. Treat yo’self between meals, shop around and have a great indulgent day amongst the locals.

Head to the Coast

What’s near the coast? Seafood yes, but that’s not what I’m hear to discuss. There’s also an impossible amount of ice cream parlors! Plenty of dairy creams, salted caramel varieties, and the odd ice lolly for those not into the soft serve variety. Your next trip should include a country famous for it’s beach life and dine in affordable style whilst sating your wanderlust.

Back to the seafood topic; oysters, fish and chips, and a bit of lobster can be found in all the beach hut cafes around the sands. You know what I’m talking about. Typically it is a shack on a pier or just off the side street at the beach. They’re great to sit down and have a drink, and typically these places keep the seagulls away from your food when because you’re sitting under an overhang. These little crab shacks think of everything.

Check Out Live Bands at the Same Time

I like to be surrounded by entertainment while we eat, or is it the other way around? We go to the cinema and buy popcorn, or we sneak in some snack, and we plan picnics for days out in the park. Either way, eating can be a whole activity unto itself! What a great time to be alive that we can focus our activities around food.

If I’m looking for a good night out with friends that’s away from my typical stoming grounds, I look into some restaurants with live music near me. This is the base of where I get all of my Apple Music downloads. You can follow me here. #shamelessPromo.

Eating out doesn’t have to be boring, and no food should ever be! Pick up the proverbial salt shaker and add some flavor to your activities… and palette.

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