Five Ways You Can Plan Your Vacation on a Budget

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hi, if you like traveling on the cheap then this is a post for you!

If you love exploring new places and enjoy mixing with locals than this is the post for you!

I hope you read that in an infomercial voice otherwise please go back and reread it.

It is almost 2018 so I am sure you are setting some resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. If not, make a mental note to get on that. 

*Makes mental note because definitely not on that*

Thinking about all of the magical destinations you could travel to in the next year should cross your mind at least once. Doing it on the cheap should be the next thing to follow.  Travelers can save money by creating a custom itinerary and doing a tad bit more research to nail down the best deal. That can be half the fun. I love seeing how much I can get for how little money I can pay. It's like a game. TLC, where’s my casting call?!

Make your money go further and give yourself more air miles by implementing these tips for budget travel next year.  

1. Visit Friends and Family While Traveling

Would you like to visit a few places, but cannot afford the accommodation? If you have a tight budget, you might want to visit friends and family members on your travels. Ask your friends who live or work in your destination to come out for a visit, and they are likely to invite you as well. This is when you take them up on their offer. HOLLA for free accommodations and maybe even a free tour guide if you have some kind friends. If you have great friends, they might even jump in the car and take you around to their favorite places. Of course, don’t be a mooch. Offer up gas money or food funds for the day. You’ll still end up saving a ton.

2. Private Accommodation

If you don’t have friends and family members living at the destination you are looking to visit, you can make new ones by booking private accommodation. Instead of your usual hotel or rental home, stay with a local family, or book an apartment. This trend has been popping up more and more recently. The owner is likely to help you find the best places to visit and arrange transport. Check out property sharing sites and live a new life for a few days. Who knows? Maybe you will make a friend while visiting and then you can retreat to step 1.

3. Hire a Caravan 

If you want to stay flexible, you could hire a caravan at your destination and tour the country at your own pace. Look how cute this one is! Instagram worthy and savvy. If you visit a tropical beach, you are not likely to find cheap rooms, and we all want that ocean view, am I right? Get in touch with a company that has caravans and RVs, and start exploring everything, instead of being tied to one resort.

4. Camping Sites Around the Country

We all know I’m not a camping person, but if you can take your car to your chosen destination, you can go camping. I'm not opposed to car camping. It's the outdoorsy stuff that gets me. For those that don't mind sharing the environment with bigs and critters, you can get close to nature and don’t have to wake up for breakfast, either. For a  less than a few hundred dollars per week, you can stay in comfort and enjoy mixing with locals or other campers. Camping is a right way of learning more about the natural beauty of the place you are visiting, and you will have a chance to go to off beaten path towns and eat local food at small restaurants; something you couldn’t do if you stayed in a resort.

5. Look for Cheap Activities Online

Instead of signing up for a guided tour, you should plan your days using online tools. Search the Internet for free or cheap days out. Visit here at to find events and night entertainment, and find out what the locals like about the destination. Which, in my experience, finding the local spots is always the hardest part. "I want to be where the people are." - Ariel. But honestly, tourist spots are great, but local areas contain way more culture and are typically less expensive. No matter where your curiosity takes you, you can explore.

Whether you are a comfort lover, or you like traveling for the experience, you can save money on your vacations by choosing alternative accommodations and local experiences.

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