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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I went to France back in 2011 (and clearly I'm still talking about it). This place was the Bee's Knees. France was my first out of country trip so maybe I am a little biased but it was such a magical trip for me I think the world should know about it. Plus, theres some pictures in here of me back when I was 17. Those will be a good laugh. 

Oh wow look, I haven't changed my "look at this view" photography style in eight years. Ugh, somethings just never change, friends. Fun fact: I took three years of French before going on this trip and I learned way more in 2 weeks immersing myself in the language than I did in three years via textbooks. 

Anyway, France was a grand time for me. From the food to the shopping (my bank account still hurts), to the markets and sightseeing. There are so many opportunities for a visiter in France.

France has history. Some of the buildings are older than America alone. The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and other landmarks make for loads to do when you’re paying a visit. When I went, I landed at night and saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up with Twinkling lights and I’ve never been so amazed by a view than in that moment. It’s a popular land mark for a reason so I think it’s worth going up the rickety elevator to see the city from up top. Also, the Palace of Versaille was incredible. They say it would take someone three months to explore the grounds in its entirety.

With France being around since 1453 ( as their own entity) it has had a great chance to develop a rich and intricate history over the years. One of the greatest ways to see this is through the various museums and galleries scattered across France. Le Louvre is a huge museum dedicated to art from all over the world and France’s history. I was only there for like 6 hours but it could easily take you 3 days to explore the grounds. 

But let’s talk about the important stuff. Food. I’m not talking about snails, although if that’s on your bucket list, France is the place to try them. Cuisine is one of the greatest things to come out of France. Inspired by a unique take on European food, this part of the world is truly singular, and this makes it a great place for munch lovers to meet up. If you would like something new and trendy or a classic french meal you will be able to indulge in both in the city.

Being the spiritual home of wine, you won’t find many places with a wider selection of quality drinks for you to try from. Also, France is home of the Champagne caves. True champagne must come from France as they are the real harvesteors for the drink. Anything else is, well, phony. The French are also very passionate about lagers and ales too. Sit down at any bar and you will find something on the menu you like. 

Most people like to go on vacations to relax and have some alone time. Away from the troubles of their world. That is all fine and dandy but I’d recommend the Congo where no one will bother you because France has very active touristy areas. If you're nit walking, you're not trying. Options like Les Bartavelles chalet in Meribel can put you into a frozen paradise ready to go skiing or snowboarding, followed by some time in the sauna. This is perfect for anyone with a taste of the adventurer’s bug. Plus all of the tours and sight seeing, you’ll need your strength. The French don’t stop so neither will you! 

A country like France is never boring. With such a rich history, diverse population, and range of things to do, it’s impossible to find yourself sitting on your thumbs. Instead, if you plan your trip correctly, you could find yourself rushing around. You will definitely get your steps in. 

I put visit France back on my bucket list because I've been longing to go back. I made myself a deal though. I need to re-learn French before I can return so wish me luck!.

Crowd: Bonne-Chance!

Au revoir!

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