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Friday, December 8, 2017

Ever sit there in the middle of summer wishing it was Spring again? Or find you wanting to wear just a few extra layers when it’s not quite cold enough yet?

Coming from a desert I take any chance I get to experience some other type of climate. Most people out there have a favorite time of year. Mine is autumn because I’m a basic B, but there are various weather and climate types that others would like to experience more than their homeland can offer them.  Thanks to the Wright brothers, we can now whisk off to any part of the world we like for any season at any time.

The other day I told my dad I wanted to go to Peru in October. He asked me if I checked what the weather was going to be like. I looked at and thought, “It’s Peru, isn’t it always tropical there? Why would I have to think about the weather?”

Referring back to 5th-grade science, I hit myself in the head as I realize all the places I want to go are in different hemispheres and climates. Not every place rotates the same way as my homeland. I know guys, sometimes I can be pretty impressive.

Anyway, no, I did not check the weather for Peru in October and I am glad dad told me to because October is when the rainy season picks up. If I want to get washed away while hiking the Inca trail that would be the time to go otherwise may through September are Peru’s driest months and would make my experience a little more pleasant.

Some places around the world will have huge fluctuations in their weather, with one day being nothing like the next and even vaster changes between the months. In other places, though, the climate will largely stay the same.

*cough cough* Las Vegas. It was 78 degrees a week ago, just saying.

Do your research before you decide to travel abroad or to foreign lands because each area will reflect different seasons and it’s just smart travel advice if you’re more aware.

For Example…

Spring: Ushering in new life, better weather, and active animals, spring is one of the best times of year for those who love to be outside. I can see the picnic basket hiking tour groups now! During this time, the weather will stay very pleasant, and usually out of the four, spring takes the silver in favoritism for a lot of people. To capture this in your travels, countries like New Zealand have a very moderate climate throughout the year, and always have enough greenery to make you feel like spring has sprung. Focus your travels in the southern hemisphere for spring weather destinations. Places like Ecuador, Columbia, and Mexico are also popular.   

Summer: For a lot of people chasing the sun will be a great way to enjoy a fun trip, and you have loads of options to help you out. Beaches are pretty warm year round for the most part and outdoor activities like zip lining and waterfall repelling become more enticing. Generally, the closer a country gets to the equator, the warmer it will be. In the northern hemisphere, the south will take you somewhere warm. In the south, though, you’ll need to go north for a better climate.

Autumn: AKA, my favorite season as stated above. Pumpkin spice & everything nice... When the trees start to run red, orange, and brown, the world starts to take on a very mysterious quality. The natural world starts to shut down for winter, and an amazing transition occurs. Unfortunately, capturing this is impossible without traveling through time, and you’ll need to find other aspects of autumn to enjoy. Canada is a great country for this, offering a landscape which will send most people to this time of year.

Winter: Looking for winter isn’t at the top of most people’s bucket lists. Of course, though, to be able to get warm and cozy, you first have to get cold, and this can make a winter vacation house the best option you have. There are loads of cold places around the world. Most of them are beautiful so it may be hard to choose where exactly you’d like to go first. Scandinavian area is one of my top options and Greenland has a tundra feel to it as well.

With the world of modern travel, it is very easy to decide where you want to go at a moment’s notice. Of course, we cant turn back time but we can jet off to a place that feels like we did. 

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