The Best Thing To Wear This Winter And No, It's Not Clothes

Friday, December 1, 2017

"What are you wearing today?" my pastor asked the congregation at late Sunday morning service.
I looked at him puzzled, and I think about what I'm physically wearing. I am in some Flirtitude leggings I picked up on Black Friday, a high-low shirt off the sale rack at Express, and some low-cut Steve Madden brown boots. I've had better church outfits.

As I'm assessing my outfit, my pastor continues to ask "Did any of us remember to put on our kindness today? Compassion?"

Damn. Talk about a biblical reality check.

It appeared a few others in the congregation felt as unsettled as I did when he went on to explain himself.  Through the book of Colossians, the apostle Paul made some practical suggestions on how to be a Christian. He says "As God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." Colossians 3:12

In the spirit of resolutions and giving, this little verse inside this little book of the bible got me thinking, why can't I put values on like I put on clothes? That is such an easy way to remember to be patient with traffic or show compassion towards another being.

Heres what I'm proposing to myself and anyone who happens to read this far down in my post.

For December pick a value every day and wear it on your shoulder, around your waist, or maybe on top of your head, metaphorically, of course. It can be a different value everyday or pick the same value until you master it. For an added challenge, layer your value on top of another like you would a scarf over a sweater.

Imagine this scenario

Your value for the day is Courtesy.
You're on your way to work sitting patiently in traffic when you're just about to merge onto the highway some giant truck comes barreling through the thru lane and is demanding via their blinker you let them in. Usually, you would get right up behind the guy in front of you, so the truck knows he needs to wait his turn like everyone else, but you remember you wore your courtesy today, so you wave him on in and remind yourself that maybe their morning was off to a rough start.

That might be the only act of courtesy you do for that day but someone saw you wearing courtesy, and that is a label worth way more than Gucci.  *mic drop*

*picks mic back up because I'm not done yet*
I'll probably write my value of the day on my bathroom mirror because that is where I write everything but I encourage you to write your value in a place near your "getting ready" space as a reminder to layer your value into your wardrobe. Plan it out for the month or take it day by day. If I'm feeling especially frustrated on Thursday, then I might slip on my optimism for Friday.

Here are some values to get you (and me) started!


Challenge accepted?
Comment below and tell me what values you're going to wear. How are you going to wear them?


  1. OOOOH I just love this post! You clearly touched on everything this season should be about!!! Great job!

  2. I needed this. Thank you. I need to wear kindness daily.

    1. Thanks LaVonne. I think we can all pay it forward with a little kindness this season!

  3. This winter I will be wearing boldness and courage on my sleeves.


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