5 Jobs You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Own Home

5 Jobs You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Own Home

I love the internet. Honestly. Aside from the fact I can look up any question I have and find the answer, the Internet has made it possible for anyone to broaden their career horizons. There are so many different paths we can take and so many business ideas that we can start up in the comfort of our own homes and favorite pajamas. Degrees come in handy in some aspects but the world is definitely moving towards a more entrepreneur run industry where people are making their own schedules and not sticking to the normal 9-5 shift. They work when their company demands it, not because a schedule does.

The Broke College Student's Guide to Saving Money While Pursuing Higher Education

The Broke College Student's Guide to Saving Money While Pursuing Higher Education

College is not for everyone. I think you all can level with me in understanding that higher education isn’t for all of us. There are people who will walk out of high school straight into a job that appeals to them on multiple levels - they may be offered good pay and chance for progression right away too. Some people just walk in the light yenno?  For many of us though, enrolling in college is either the most convenient way to secure the job of our dreams or the only way to secure the job of our dreams. Increasing numbers of departments are requiring Bachelor's degrees from their employees, and without the relevant qualifications (*cough cough* a degree), your resume will just be sifted into the trash can. At what cost is all of this hullabaloo worth though?

9 Things You Say To Your Bartender That You Also Say To Your Starbucks Barista

Sometimes I talk to my Starbucks barista the same way I would talk to my bartender.

There is definitely a difference between ordering a drink and then ordering a drank but for whatever reason, I use the same lingo. It just dawned on me that what I say to my bartender definitely aligns with that I say to my barista.

I Wore The Same Outfit For A Week And No One Noticed

I Wore The Same Outfit For A Week And No One Noticed- Paisley blue ankle boots with zipper and chunky heels

Ever wonder if you were to wear the same shirt twice in a week if anyone would notice? I think we've all thought about it at least once. I see a lot of posts about how to wear different clothing pieces in different ways so it has to be on a lot of our minds. 

Let's Break the Rules and Throw An All-White Labor Day Party + Labor Day Looks To Copy

Giant white floppy hat from Walmart to wear on labor day

"You can't wear white after labor day." Whichever fashion police bestowed upon us that rule needs to check themselves am I right? Fall is lingering but Summer is still in the air and I'm not ready to give up my white ensembles! 

7 Things You Need To Grab For a Last Minute Getaway

BAck to school backpack from High Sierra, with Garden of Life Bars, Almay Goddess Gloss and Hcxo Shop sleepmask

Imagine its Friday evening, you're sitting in traffic about to head home and binge watch Friends for the fourth weekend in a row when you get a text from a friend saying she wants pizza from that cute little corner shop two towns over. They're only open until 9 so you have to hustle. What are you throwing in your getaway bag?!

Broke as a Joke? Here's Five Ways To Save For Your Next Adventure

travel the world on a budget wanderlust traveling airport travel for cheap

Wanting to head off on vacation and travel the world is one thing, but actually having the cash to do so is an entirely different ballgame. I cashed my coin in the other day with every intention to put whatever total I got into my travel jar. I was feeling pretty confident about the total because it has been a while since the Coinstar and I had last spoken. $14.83 is what my two years of coin collecting totaled. That is literally a baker's dozen of dollars with a + one. I couldn't help but be baffled by this. Coin jars used to be pots of GOLD!

U.S. Domestic Airlines Ranked for the Budget Traveler

Recently I’ve been traveling a lot. Not for long periods of time but I’ve been on 4 round trips flights in the past month and a lot of you have noticed and asked how I can afford to travel so much and what airlines I’m taking. Well, you asked, I’m telling and I’m ranking so you know what you’re getting into with your airline and being a cheap flyer. 

Nonprofit Payroll 101: How are Nonprofit Employees Paid?

"If you work for a nonprofit then how do you make money? Isn't it a NON-profit?"

"Where does my money go when I make a donation?"

This is a common question I get and a common misconception by most. I get it though. If an organization is a nonprofit, where does the organization get the money it needs to pay its employees. Aren't all of the dollars raised supposed to be going to the cause? There are a lot of questions that go into non-profit jobs, and I want to set the rec0rd straight for some of you.

What To Do With Your Time Now That The Bachelorette Is Over

***There are spoilers at the very end of this article***

Welp, there you have it Bachelor fans. Becca has found true love with... (Shhh, no spoilers just yet). Now what? You probably have an empty Monday night void to fill because for the past 12 weeks you've been living vicariously through Becca as she wanders through her journey of love. Not that it hasn't been great but if you''re like me, and I'm sure we're not too far off from one another, you've neglected all your hobbies in the meantime.

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

Become A Passenger With a Plan: An In-Depth Guide + My Top Travel Apps

I know I talk about how to travel on a budget but a lot of people hold off their traveling plans because money does tend to get in the way. It’s common for people to think that going on holiday is going to break the bank, and it’s even more common for people to go ahead and do just that. I want to dive in a little deeper into some aspects on where exactly you and I can find these deals, and when to book them.

7 Pointers To Maximize Your Oktoberfest Experience

Every year in late September, millions of people trek to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest to drink beer, sing (shout) to German music and have a grand old time. In 2017, I was able to be one of those millions of people. I went with an excellent group who dressed up and allowed themselves to be present and we had a blast. If you have your group and you have your dates, there are just a few things you need to take care of.

Taking Your Travel Budget Farther Than You

“How do you travel so often?” “Do you even work?” “How do you afford all the trips you take?”
I assure you I’m not a trust fund baby, I do work a full-time job, and my secret is planning and knowing where to look. I’ve taught myself how to choose my destinations, time my travel well, and be prepared for all costs, so I don’t have to make emergency arrangements. I’ve gathered the best possible tips on traveling in style without breaking the bank.

Four Reasons Why I Only Wash My Hair Once A Week

"Ewe, gross." That is typically the first reaction I get when I tell someone it has been a week since I washed my hair. Followed by a series of questions that vary from why I go so long between washes, what's the point of it all, and how greasy my hair gets by day five. I can't say their questions were off track though because that was my first reaction when my friend told me it had been seven days since she last washed her hair. I also followed with the same series of questions about, why, for what, and my grease factors.

Tex-ccentric: 5 Unusual Attractions To Visit In Texas

Image Source

I’m a huge advocate of traveling to Texas. You can check out my posts here and here if you don’t believe me but there are plenty of reasons to go to Texas – the food, the history, the natural landscape and a better chance of seeing an impromptu rodeo are right around any Texan corner. Texas can be pretty eccentric in its attractions though. Stuff no one would expect to see. Beyond the favorite touristy lures there are plenty of weird and wonderful hidden gem sights to see. Below I have five listed out.

Live The Life Of Luxury And Jet Off For The Weekend

Just this morning my friend and I were talking about how we love day trips. Road trips fall into this category, but I’m more so thinking about flying out and back in within the same day.  I don’t know about you, but I feel SO fancy when I’m able to do that. It’s a little luxury lifestyle moment when you can say you went to breakfast in Arizona yet your back in your hometown the same day. Must be some breakfast right?

My Sorority Story - Part 3: The After Life (Going Alum)

My advisors told me I couldn’t major in Sigma. And they were right. On paper, I could not declare Sigma as my major but (and this is about to get REALLY corny) in my heart I could. I wanted and still want to see my chapter succeed. I dedicated a lot of time in my collegiate years to this organization so I was extremely excited to take my next step into the organization.

My Sorority Story- Part 2: The College Experience

After joining, I started my new member program and that’s when all of this sorority stuff started to come together. I learned about our founders, values, who we are locally (undefined since we were so new) and who we are nationally. I understood why Tri Sigma thought to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, develope us into strong womanly characters, and to impress upon us high standards of conduct would help empower women everywhere to change the world.

My Sorority Story - Part 1: The Initial Meet

I’ve been seeing a lot of negative things about Greek life in general in the news and it honestly hurts my heart. Sorority life has had such a positive impact on my life and when I see nothing but the negatives in the news I feel like I need to defend it. Scandals sell so of course, any news station is going to be the first to let you know when a fraternity man is arrested because of a DUI or when a sorority is suspended due to a social gone rogue. What they don’t advertise is the thousands upon thousands of dollars these organizations raise for causes throughout the nation and some internationally. Or the number of education programs that are invested in to develop us men and women as people of character in society. 

Mauritius: Summer Fun All Year Long

All right friends, I know I talk a lot about all the places I would like to go, I would want you to go, and they’re all miraculous and beautiful in their way. Well, I’ve got another one for you. I’m currently in the process of figuring out what I should do with my eight days of vacation I have left for the year, so naturally, I’m on a whole bunch of different travel sites figuring it out.

Gap Year Tips for Gap Year Twits

Gap years are represented as something only trust fund babies might even consider. Not gonna lie, after high school, some of my friends didn’t do the college thing and just went abroad for a year or two and to me it was seen as a method of boasting, of inflicting themselves on the world despite being an uneducated millennial, and a means to postpone working or heading to college. Not that that isn’t true for some cases. There are definitely bad or less admirable people who might be interested in a gap year for the wrong reasons. 

3 Natural Beverages To Kick Start To Your Morning

There are times in life when your alarm sounds to signify the beginning of a brand new day… and you’re not quite ready for it. The desire to burrow deep into your blankets and grab another 5 (or 50) minutes of beauty rest is overwhelmingly tempting, but you’ve got a schedule to adhere to, so you reluctantly push yourself out of bed.

At this point, what you need - more than anything - is a drink to give your energy levels a boost. Here are some inexpensive and healthy natural energy boosters whether you're looking for a caffeine kick or a vitamin boost.

Why You HAVE To Do A European Roadtrip

Travel can re-awaken your sense of awe and wonder, and give you back some of that childlike innocence that made life so exciting when you were younger.

So, where will you travel next, and how will you get there? You could rely on the standard public transport infrastructure to see a city or two in any given country.

Check Your Travel List: Vast And Exciting Countries To Visit

Everybody should travel as much as possible. Some see a vacation as nothing more than a chance to get some sun and take a couple of weeks off work, but it could also be seen as an opportunity to explore the world. Rather than heading to the same vacation home every year, you should try to explore somewhere new every time you go traveling. Explore new cultures and new places. It’s time for you to experience some of the fantastic sites out there.

I'm Turning A New Leaf On This Whole Camping Idea

Okay, so, I’ve been camping like maybe twice in my life. I was younger when I willingly made it to the woodlands, but it was never something I was excited over. I don’t like bugs, trees or anything that doesn’t involve fluorescent lighting. Being stuck in a tiny tent, with a lot of mud and only bugs and creepy crawlies for company. Oh and a burnt sausage for your breakfast? No, thank you. I’m a city girl at heart and as much as I would like to be “at one with nature” I’m just not.

The Sunny State of Florida

In Florida, the sun always seems to be shining. I mean, I guess that’s not strictly true, it does have its fair share of storms from the tornadoes and hurricanes, but for the most part, Florida is a lovely state that receives a lot of sunshine all year round. It’s one of the main reasons why so many people keep returning year after year. I must admit, a trip to Florida is pretty expensive because there’s just so much to do that you would try and fit in during your time there! If you’re looking to have a fab holiday in the sunny state of Florida, let me help ya out.

How To Throw A Grand Gathering on a Budget

Hosting a dinner party, brunch, or even a Friendsgiving can be a very daunting and expensive task. About a year ago I threw myself a thriving party and broke my bank way more than I intended too (thank you Target), so I told myself If I wanted to keep up these lavish lifestyles I was going to have to figure something out. It’s hard being in your twenties because some friends are living large making salaries Greek gods would be jealous of but others are pleading with the bartender to accept their Venmo transactions.
Hosting is the groove and on a budget is the move. To all the wannabe upper eastsiders out there, I’ve come across some tips to host a fantastic event but keep that budget low.

18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer

Dan and Shay are at it again. As if their albums Where It all Began and Obsessed weren't heart-gripping enough, Dan + Shay's new release will inspire any and every photo you take with your significant other this summer. We got somewhat of a sneak preview of the newly released album with Tequila so you know the rest are going to be awe-inspiring.
If you're like me and you struggle to get that prime caption for your one of a kind Instagram photo, let Dan + Shay do the work for you. Pop one of these majestic chords into your caption and you'll be home summer free!

Pack Up: Here's 4 Cities In Washington Perfect For a Getaway

The US is a vast place with a lot to offer. There is the countryside, the rivers, possible mountains; it all contributes to an atmosphere that you're probably craving after days in the office. So, when you’re looking for a place to hole up for the weekend, where’s good to go?

TBH, You’re Gonna Want To Smear This Face Moisturizer All Over Your Body

used to get Ipsy bags every month. I loved them. It was a little unexpected treat every month. I've recently canceled my subscription because I realized that ALL of my bathroom drawers were filled with products I never used. Not that I didn’t like them, I honestly just forgot about them. I got the bag, checked out what goodies came inside, and chucked them in the drawer. I should’ve realized there was a problem when I was three drawers deep yet somehow I found myself cleaning out all of my bathroom drawers of unused Ipsy products. I canceled my subscription right then and there because I clearly didn’t have a need (or room) for more. I'm glad something in me finally said: “ Hey, you should probably clean out your bathroom drawers so you don’t have so much crap sitting on your counter.” What a concept, subconscious!

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Hungover

Okay, clearly hiking isn't on your morning agenda today. The only thing that will be climbing is your appetite. I know research says don't eat greasy foods because your body is dehydrated, but you do need to eat something at some point. Pick your battle for either a banana or a greasy-ass breakfast sandwich and move on. If you're like me, you'll choose the latter because you don't care as long as you get something into your stomach. 

4 Tricks to Surviving Middle Seat Airline Blues

First off, I thought about naming my blog “Adventures From the Middle Seat” when I first began my blogging habits because I wanted to write a travel blog for the longest and could only ever afford the cheapest option to get me to where I wanted to go. Often times, thst put me in the middle seat, thus you have “Adventures From the Middle Seat.” But my niche expands beyond travel blogging, so we’re sticking to Daily Cup of JoJo.

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Indecisive

Image by @VegasByTheBite
I hate when you're craving something but you just can't figure out where to go. Do you want casual and comfortable like someplace you frequent all the time? Are you in the mood for some different flavors? What about a restaurant that caters to all types of palettes? I think this is your most opportune time to capitalize on any cravings. In Las Vegas, there are an unimaginable amount of fun food fusions to try ranging from Jamaican and Hawaiian or something as simple as a classic French twist to a modern meal.

7 Ways To Start Living Your Best Life

It sounds like the ultimate cliché, but it’s incredibly real. Life is short. This is not a rehearsal. You don’t just get to buzz through life and then go back and change the things you don’t feel worked out. We only get one shot at this, so you do need to be sure that you are living your life to the fullest. This isn’t meant to sound cheesy but thinks about it. You only get one go at being on this earth, so don’t you want to be able to enjoy it to the max?

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For Liquid Dieters

Image Source

Let's not dodge from the fact that when most people brunch they're brunching for the juices. Whether that is a smoothie, pressed juice, coffee, or lattes. Juices are a prime flavoring in the meal prep of brunch. Add a little pop of natural color to your morning with a freshly pressed juice or acai bowl. 
Those of you indulging in a liquid brunch diet should listen up because have we got some hot spots for you to dish into.

3 Books Every Girl Should Read That Vibes With "Block His Number And Enjoy Your Summer"

Image Source

Let me start this off by telling you about me. I am an educated 24-year-old with a great start to my career, strong family support, fantastic and fun-loving friends and complete confidence in who I am. I associate with the millennial culture in more aspects than I am willing to admit, I struggle with my sense of beliefs and find myself questioning if I am too old or too young to be doing something meaningful with my life. Alongside that, I am a people pleaser with a tendency to suffer in silence.

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Timeless

With a long weekend ahead of us, it will be a great time to catch up with some friends and family. When time and company is on your side and no one is in a rush, you can sit back and really dive into some meaningful conversations with a beautiful setting. Take some time to reflect on those who died serving our country and really capitalize on cherishing your moments with loved ones around you. 

Las Vegas Brunch Spot For The Baller On a Budget

Nothing is better than having brunch on a Sunday morning (afternoon?) but you just paid rent and only have about $10 in your pocket. Restaurants can become daunting with their towering seafood structures and tableside omelet service. Don't lose hope though. There are still a plethora of options for you to treat yourself too. Don't spend a fortune and dine in one of these fabulous frugal finds scattered throughout Las Vegas. 

A Complete Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your American Adventures

Sometimes I don’t think I give America enough credit. I always catch myself fantasizing about country hopping in Europe. I would stay in Paris for the night, then maybe border hop to Germany and make my way towards Croatia after that. I feel like there are so many diverse areas in Europe, which I forget America is just as incredibly diverse.  Each state is an entirely different experience.  From the city skylines of New York to the deserts of sweet home Nevada to the rural countryside of Kansas. You have places with sunny beaches and others with snow-capped mountains; there are bustling cities and small towns with so much to see and do that I’d struggle to fit it all in in one lifetime.. 

Couples Getaway? The Ideal States To Do It In

First I’d like to clarify that this is not a post about which states to “do it” in. This is a post about which states to travel to but I had to get you to my little corner of the internet somehow.

I’ve been in a real nostalgic travel mood lately and I think it’s because ya girl NEEDS A VACATION. I have a very heavy travel schedule for the middle part of the year but it has been killing me to wait for those trips. So since I’m not traveling currently, I might as well write about it.

I Got Rid Of My Alarm Clock And Started Using This App

I've come to the conclusion I do not like alarm clocks. They are the freaking worst. This is 2018 for crying out loud. Why are we still waking up to an obnoxious BEEP BEEP BEEP sound that doesn't start anybody's day off right? It's been more annoying because I'll hit snooze 14 times before I actually move. Waking up on the right side of the bed is so, so important for a productive day and it just WAS NOT happening with my alarm clock. I've recently retired my alarm clock and found a better and more energizing way to get my day started.

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Bougie Bruncher

Brunch is the most important meal of the day, and you want to give it the respect it deserves. These bougie brunch spots are a perfect tie into this brunch series with Mothers Day being tomorrow. Did you buy her a gift? I didn't give you much notice, but that's also not my job haha. You're in luck though. If you didn't buy her a little something, you could treat your mama to some eggs Benedict and luscious pancakes, AKA the finer things in life at these bougie brunch spots. Toast to the most important woman in your life. They will have your mom feeling like the queen she is. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny at these high-end brunch spots with a LOT of menu options. Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation and also ask about Mother's Day specials!