How To Meet People: Find Your New BFF, BAE, or BOSS

Its so hard to meet people.

Raise your hand if those words have ever left your lips. Whether it is to find friends, love, or even business connects, Ill agree. In this digital day in age, people avoid face-to-face conversations; hell they even avoid phone-to-phone conversations unless its texting.  I know some part of us is always wanting to meet new folks because you never know where meeting new people could lead you. If you are ready for a little more adventure in your life, one of the best ways of getting an adventure is by adding some fresh faces to your day-to-day routine. I know, meeting people is easier said than done but if you expand your horizons and put in a little bit of effort, the universe will follow. 

Take Some Risks

Going out of your comfort zone is already a risk so kudos to you but beyond that sign up to an introduction agency, go to that party rather than staying in and watching Netflix, make yes your default response instead of no. Doing something out of the ordinary helps to add a little bit of spice and color to your life, and this is always going to be worth it. You should always go because you never know who you’re going to meet. I read this in a book somewhere many years ago and it stuck with me because I have met some of the greatest people just by saying yes to a few outings.

Try Volunteering

While you may struggle to meet a new friend at your local gym class where everyone is out for himself or herself, volunteering is something that tends to be more social as everyone is pulling together to achieve a particular aim. As well as this, it is an activity that helps to boost your self-esteem, and provides you with a host of skills and experiences. Meeting someone while volunteering is the best in my opinion because you both clearly have some sort of selflessness aspects to your personality and that is how you can deepen your relationship with one another. Bond of your good hearts yall!

Become a Regular Somewhere

I go downtown a lot in Las Vegas. I see familiar faces of outings past all of the time. It has really made that area a communal gathering for me. If you become a regular at your local coffee shop, bar, restaurant or gym, you are bound to encounter the same faces again and again. Whether it is someone who works there or another fellow regular, try to make yourself open to striking up conversations, and a casual acquaintance could easily blossom into a friendship. You clearly have a local spot in common to work off of.

Join a Social Club

There are plenty of clubs out there where interaction with those around you is something that is actively encouraged. A couple of good examples include book groups, language classes, and a team sports club. The more often you go, the more likely it is that you will encounter someone with whom you can develop a lasting connection. MY sorority is where I have met some of my greatest friends, most of my business connections, and even a few love interested here and there. This goes hand in hand with being a regular. The more you show up on a consistent basis, the more same friendly faces you will see again and again. Work off of your commonalities.

Go Traveling in a Tour Group

Travelling can be a daunting activity if you go all by yourself, but there are plenty of opportunities to go as part of a group. Contiki, Topdeck, and G- Adventures are all great contenders if you’re looking into group tours.  However long you choose to go away for and whatever your destination, you will be with the same people for a number of days. The odds are in your favor that you will click with someone or a group of someones to strike up some interesting conversations and make connections during this time.

Meet Friends of Friends

Meeting people through other people is a great way to get a running start on becoming friends. Again, it all comes back to taking risks, so the next time a friend invites you to some sort of social event that you would normally say reject, change your answer to a yes and see where this leads you.

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