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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hello Friends.
I hope you're ready for a brain dump because that's all I've got for you lately. I was writing in my journal the other day trying to organize my week, figure out where my head is at, figure out where your heads are at, and doodle all at the same time. It wasn't working so I thought I'd just share where I'm at in life.

I go through phases where I can produce content pretty frequently, but then I step back for a bit. There's a lot of pressure on bloggers to continually be posting and motivating their viewers to want to see more. Whether you have four views a day or four million subscribers to appease, as a writer, disappointing your audience is the last thing I want to do. I try to plan out content far enough in advance, so when I do get in a rut, I can keep up some regularity, but recently it hasn't been there and let me tell you why.

1. Being a proud blogger is hard. You want to produce the best content you are capable of. It's not just writing though; it's content, verbiage, photography (barely), marketing, experiencing, researching, living, breathing, trying, doing, adventuring. I'm sure a couple of those were synonyms, but YOU GET IT.  I don't write about things I don't know about which means if I have an idea, I need to go figure it out. Not tryna be responsible for any #FakeNews here. It is hard to master all of that every time I post, so when I do make an outburst on the internet, I want it to be the best outburst I can make it!

2. I'm currently at a job I love, gearing up to go back to school, redoing my apartment, writing scholarship applications, finishing my book a month and involving myself in as much as possible. By no means is this a complaint. I am so happy where I am, but I want you to know, as a dedicated reader, sometimes it can be tough to dedicate spare time to my hobbies.

I am a firm believer in making sure you dedicate whatever your thing is to yourself daily. Maybe taking a bubble bath in the morning is your peace, or eating an avocado right before bed is how you find joy in your day. For me, writing is my outlet. I find peace in writing in my journal, to you on the internet, essay contests, hell, even emails I send out professionally can be soothing. I write every day and lately I have been writing more than usual which I am freaking stoked about. I'm filling out scholarship forms, travel applications, and things as little as to-do lists. All of these outlets take their amount of time, and as a human I still need to grocery shop, vacuum (no), and perfect my top knot, leaving me with less time to dedicate to ALL of my writing hobbies.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I am looking for here except to explain myself to you all as readers. I take so much pride in my little corner of the internet, and I know you all do to with how much you share and interact with me and my posts. Seriously, Y'all are way too nice. Logging onto Daily Cup of JoJo to see comments pending and views up lights my heart up with so much joy. If my blog runs a little slower, it's because my life has picked up. It's a good thing though. I want you all to meet me on my level and know where my head is at. At the same time, I can keep you on your toes for when I do come up with some quality content for you to read. RARE SITING, Daily Cup of JoJo made a post after 74 years. Kidding, I'm dramatic. I'll still be here every week.

Sorry for rambling. This is a lifestyle blog though. No harm in a little unclear direction every now and again.

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