Making Your House Look Pretty When Your Bank Balance Doesn't

Saturday, January 13, 2018

If there is one thing I’ve learned from living on my own it is how expensive furniture and home décor is. Seriously, $24 for a pillow? What world are we living in?! We all dream of having a beautiful home. That’s not a revolutionary concept time and money are the two restrictions that stop those dreams from becoming a reality. I constantly find myself daydreaming about all of the things I would change in my little abode if I had the funds, and the energy (if I’m being honest) I count it as a win when I have time just to simply clean and keep my space homely.

You know that saying, a clean home means a clear mind. They were onto something when they thought of that concept. I know I feel more put together when everything has a spot and my home is in order so I made it my personal mission to keep my home trendy-ish while not breaking the bank.

Instead of spending my weekend slouching on the couch binging Life In Pieces (excellent show BTW, 10/10 recommend) I did a little home life planning…

Create the plan.

Obviously, you came to this article to help you with creating a plan but you should start by writing down the improvements you plan to make. Whether you have a big renovation plan in mind or some smaller design or DIY tasks that you’ve been putting off for a long time, you always need a plan before you plunge into any design-based project around your home. Make sure your plans are realistic though. As much as I would love to build a 60-gallon aquarium in the shape of the Las Vegas skyline I know that is not necessarily achievable.  You don’t want to be left with a half-finished project that actually makes your house look worse. You need to walk around your house and make a note of all the things you want to change. Start off with the foundational tasks such as changing color schemes and furnishings and then build up to bigger changes such as a brand new kitchen layout or perhaps even an extension into the garden to create a conservatory area. What an adult concept, am I right friends?

Once you have a list of every home improvement you’d like to make, it’s time to start adding up the costs of your plan. Think about all the materials you’ll need and any professional help you may require if you can’t do everything by yourself. Make sure you’ve already set yourself a manageable budget. If the costs exceed that budget then you could either cut out some renovation tasks or check these guys out for a payday loan that could give you instant cash to help with your project, regardless of your credit score. Either way, you need to be sure that you can afford this renovation project before you can plunge into it. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through your home improvements before realizing you can’t afford to do everything on the list. A half-finished home is worse than not starting at all.

Make some simple changes.

First of all, you don’t need to make massive changes to improve your home. You can make massive changes, of course. You can knock down the wall separating your living room and kitchen, build a conservatory that extends the home, or input a 60-gallon aquarium in the shape of the Las Vegas skyline but the point is that there are simpler ways to make your house look pretty. Certain simple changes can completely alter the aesthetic of a room and the way in which you perceive your house on the whole.

For starters, you should aim to repaint. Get some white or cream-colored paint because neutral colors work best to really brighten a room and allow for any color to be layered on top without clashing themes. Repainting your walls will give your home a fresh and “brand new” feel. It’s a simple change that any amateur (AKA me) can master. Dont forget to put down newspaper or some protective material to stop the paint dripping onto the floor. Doors need a little love too. A front door that looks shiny and new will definitely alter first impressions of your home from the outside.

On a smaller scale, cleaning is a small task that can make a big difference too. You should definitely create a schedule so as to ensure that your home remains sparkly and new because you don’t want to have to do that “big clean” every year or so. Of course, for the initial deep clean, you should make it your goal to completely declutter your home. You’re aiming for a minimalistic and spacious feel to really make your house feel larger and more welcoming. You don’t always have to fill your home’s space with stuff. Once you strip your home down to the possessions you actually need or want, you’ll feel much more comfortable in your surroundings and that minimalistic aesthetic will be easier to achieve. Pinterest minimalistic home and your world will CHANGE. It is atheistically pleasing and less crowded. Win-Win.

Spruce up the kitchen.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the kitchen in your home. This room is integral to any warm and happy family abode. It’s the room in which you not only cook most or all of your meals for the day but the room in which you and the family gather to eat, socialize, and relax. It’s at the center of any happy household, essentially. The way to the heart is through the stomach. That’s why your kitchen’s aesthetic needs to shine if you want the whole house to shine. I mentioned repainting earlier but you should also think about making improvements to declutter your kitchen; put up some shelving units so that there’s more space for utensils and crockery. I love it when my want your countertops and other surfaces are clear and spacious rather than cluttered with all of my kitchen tools. It at least make it appear like I have my life together a little bit.

Make better use of your home’s available space.

I mentioned my opinion on the importance of spaciousness. Obviously, decluttering is a good way to make your home a bit more breathable and shelving units can provide homes for possessions that are cluttering up your floors and surfaces but you should go further than this. Create storage space under the stairs, for example. You could even convert your garage, basement, attic, or spare room into a family or games room so as to essentially make your house feel larger. It’s all about the illusion of size. And this is a chance to spread out some of your house’s possessions and have a fun new entertainment zone (or spare bedroom for guests).

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