Navigating New York On A Budget

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The other day I saw a kick ass travel package on Travelocity that would get me to New York (and back) WITH a two-night stay at a Hilton in Central park  for like $350. I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't take the deal, but I'm going to go to Disneyland with my mom instead. Anyways, the Big Apple is a dream destination to visit for a lot of tourists, including me, just not when Disneyland is in the works. 

New York the most expensive city in the US, but there is so much that you can see and do there that are cheap and cheerful it kind of makes up for it. There is free sightseeing, museums and affordable accommodations are out there with a little searching. 

Affording a trip to New York in the first place can cost some cash, especially flying there. Getting a little help with a personal loan no credit check can help make your New York vacation a little more of a reality, as the getting there is usually the biggest expense. So, how can you be thrifty with a trip to the most expensive city in the country? Here's what I've found out. 

Traveling in New York

Those iconic yellow taxis are not the cheapest way to travel  and not all that impressive. You could get around New York way easier on foot or with subway passes. The Staten Island Ferry is free, which gives you extra cash in your pocket for food and other knickknacks you absolutely need. Get yourself a New York map and walk the blocks. You've seen the traffic in movies, four wheels is not a mode of transportation  You can see so much more off the beaten track on foot, than by taxi which will cost you your first born. 

Sleeping In New York

Accommodation is a big expense in any city, and New York is no exception. Being a tourist doesn’t mean you have to rock up at The Plaza! Although, I can be tempted with a good time. Properties on Airbnb can slash your budget dramatically, as can looking at any of the many hostels that New York has to offer you.

Walking In New York

New York has a grid system, making it very easy to navigate where you need to go. If you are on a stroll to see the sights, get yourself to Central Park. It’s got a reservoir, boating lake, sports field and even a zoo in the heart of it. You can get from one side of the city to another simply by going for a stroll in the park. Not bad when you consider the costs of a taxi. I'm not going to live this taxi stuff down. Them cabbers are expensive. 

History in New York

Museums, art galleries, open air theaters; you name it, the city has it. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History are very popular with tourists and the Upper East-siders (xoxo) for obvious reasons. The architecture that the city has to offer and even the site of Ground Zero draw in the people to learn about the biggest historical events that have impacted the city.

Learning a lot during your trip is an inevitability. Travel smart and be a tourist with a difference.

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