Save Your Sanity With These Short Weekend Trip Ideas

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tired of lounging on the sofa scrollin' through your Netflix options after you already know theirs nothing good on? LOL not really it doesnt hurt to have options. If you are looking for a way to escape from the house this weekend, there are plenty of different things you can do. It is good for the soul and it will give you and your travel buddies the chance to spend some quality time together in a different environment, so pack your bags kids, were headed out!


Fun fact: I got a GNARLY splinter from this photo. Please look at it one more time to appreciate what I went through to attempt at being aesthetically pleasing. 

Rent a House

Renting a house in the countryside or a condo in the city is a great idea for all travelers because you still have all of the comforts of a home but without the monotony of being in the same place all the time. You can also bring your own food for the trip if the house, or stop somewhere and grocery shop which will cut down on eating out. It can be very cost effective to rent a home and you will likely get a good deal if you book last minute because the owner will want to fill up spaces. You can Find Homestay Accommodation online and you will be able to search for places that cater for dogs (because, YES, that is important), have WiFi (also important), have a washing machine (you might not think this is important but it helps), etc… you will have a fully functioning kitchen to cook in, but of course dont limit yourself. If you want to go out no one is going to stop you.

Cruise to Nowhere

Going on a cruise might not be a great idea if you get a little seasick, but if you want to relax by the pool and see loads of different places, a cruise is a great option. Gotta take the good with the bad, am I right? By picking a weekend cruise you will have a two night stay and you can try out the cruise style vacation to see if it is something you would ever do for a long period of time. There is usually access to a ton of restaurants, activities, and shows and of course a pool on deck. People watch movies on the boat, go for a yoga class and even take a trip to a spa. There is almost a full island inside each shop so you can fill your time with plenty of fun activities. Ive never been on a cruise, so something like this would be excellent for that. That way Im not investing too many recourses into this trip that I may or may not even be able to enjoy.

Camp Out

For a last minute, CHEAP travel option, simply pick up your tent, a whole load of supplies and head out into the wild. Although this is not my particular cup of tea, camping is fun at any age, because there are a lot of survival skills that go along with this outing. Lighting fires, looking out for wildlife, or even dabble in some constellation chatter. I will admit, it is a perfect place to switch off your phones and live in the moment for a while. Go out exploring during the day and at night cuddle up by the fire and cook s’more. What more could you ask for?

Be a Local Tourist

Why travel to far off lands when you've not even explored your own city? I speak for every Las Vegas local when I say this. There is a new spot opening up every day that is just waiting to be checked out.  The number of times you have visited your city throughout your life might be pretty high, but have you taken the chance to be a tourist like everyone else? Sure, tourists are annoying but its kind of fun when you get to flip the script.  Take a day to explore your city and visit all of the tourist attractions as if you had never been before.

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Save Your Sanity With These Short Weekend Trip Ideas

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