The Morning After Is So Underrated And Here's Why

Sunday, January 21, 2018

You probably think this post is going to be about the habits of a one night stand, but I'm here to tell you, you're wrong. This one is for the girls. The girlfriends that drink together stay together... at least they should. The real test of friendship comes the morning after a night out.

I don't mean a night out as in y'all go to the movies and laugh about how idiotic yet so crucial The Bachelor is in your life. I mean Ubers are called, pre-gaming is in the works, and tight skirts are on. You walk out the door with hopes of making it home. A night out with the girls is the ultimate therapy, and if you're not in stress mode, then you're just along for a ride. That is the real definition of a 'ride or die' if you ask me.

The real parts of friendship come out when the hangover comes out. You two are a team from that point on. Last night was fun but thriving (or dying) next to your girlfriends is a whole other level.

Girls never get the recognition they deserve because whether we want to admit it or not, our nurturing characteristics come out in stressful situations. Girls will cancel anything they have to do that day to stay and be miserable with you.

Girlfriends are so considerate. Even though they are probably internally writhing in pain, whoever is the strongest of the two become the alpha (fe)male. If you see your girl needs to throw up but you feel your nausea coming on as well but still let her do her thing. "I know, it's bright, but two more steps and you can fall onto the sofa.” That is some devotion right there! I don't see guys doing that for their boys.


Girlfriends see you during your weakest moments. Let's be real. The lowest of the low happens the morning after a night out. You will find her with her head in the fridge or lying down on the kitchen floor and not even think twice about it because they’re probably eyeing that same spot when you’ve had your time.

Girlfriends help you piece back the night. Once you are both settled enough to sit up and have a human conversation, you can dive into the deep roots of what the hell happened last night. They explain to you how you got up on stage and did the Macarena to Gun's N Roses Sweet Child O' Mine or how they told you not to text him, but you insisted on telling your crush about your hamsters eating disorder. No one said it was an easy task, but it’s definitely an honest one.

Girlfriends are there to hold you up when your limbs just can't anymore. You know when you pop, lock, and drop it one too many times because the tequila told you to. You wake up wondering why your back and arms sore knowing full well you did not hit the gym since last Thursday. "Why is their a bruise on my thigh?" <-- This question will go down in history.

Girlfriends reply to your most ridiculous requests without skipping a beat. When your girl has work at 3:00 pm and needs to go get slip resistant shoes, but spent all her money last night, girlfriends offer up to pay and also get Panera on the way. They know the true steps to success.

Girlfriends know what’s important to you. For whatever reason, one of you was put together enough to plug everybody phone in, place water and ibuprofen on the nightstand next to them, and even plug their e-cigs in. Seriously, drunken girls think of everything and nothing simultaneously. We are a gifted species. She'll put the trashcan near you, so you don’t throw up on your faux fur rug. 

And guys wonder why girls have such high expectations?! We freakin' know how to take care of one another!

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