There Is More To Beer Yoga Than You Probably Thought

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I'm sure you've seen beer yoga raging all over the internet recently. This concept has been flooding my feed since Oktoberfest days, so naturally, I had to do what all the cool kids were doing.
Last Sunday I took my first Beer Yoga class, and I think I've stumbled upon the sport of the century. My whole workout regimen might change after this class, y'all. Beer Yoga is not only intense but incredibly refreshing.

I walked into the back portion of the restaurant to find a woman already asking me what type of beer I'd fancy for my workout, Hofbrau Original, Dunkel, or Hefe Weizen. Ohh, I like the sound of that. I looked down at my water in shame and told her I'd like a Hefe Weizen, which she promptly pulled out.

Well, now I had all the ammo I needed. A yoga mat, a cold beer, and other beer yoga attendees. What a group to be a part of; these are my people because this is not a sport to take super seriously. You know who I'm talking about. Those people that do two-a-days at the gym, like kudos to you but I'll stick to my 45 minutes stretching workout, and I think that'd where all of these other yogi's and yoginis are at as well. YES!

I laid my mat down and got settled. Jackie, the instructor, was extremely friendly and got right to it. Letting us take a swig before we started that is.  I won't lie. I expected us to do some breathing exercises and then enjoy a beer right after. NO.  This class kicked my ass, and I was almost begging for a sip of beer by the third pose! Talk about enlightenment through yoga. I was definitely in my highest state by the middle of the class.

I wasn't sure how the beer got incorporated into the yoga aspect until we were in the middle of a tree pose, balancing with my leg wide out to the side and my beer up in the air, al I could think about was keeping my balance, so my beer didn't spill. That was a level of motivation I have never achieved before. Eventually,  Jackie told us to bring everything in and enjoy a sip. THANK GOD. I have never been so excited to sip on something crisp and bubbly in a yoga class before. SO REFRESHING.

Beer Yoga is here; right in the heart of Las Vegas at your favorite German beer hall, Hofbrauhaus. Once a month, on a Sunday, anyone 21+ can enjoy a beer yoga class with a well-trained yoga instructor and friends. Men, women, novices, and advanced students are all encouraged to come. There are modified poses to fit all different levels and bodies. Check back on their website to find out when the next class will be so we can all get our beer yoga on together! #FollowTheLiter

You might just catch me at the gym with a bottle in my hand. We always slurp down gulps of water after doing five sets of squats, but we all know a cold refreshing sip of hops is ultimately what we want, right?!

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