Tired Of Exposing Your Taste Buds To Terrible Coffee? Read on

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Much like anything that gets some sort of regular attention, it will eventually start to hit the mainstream. When said thing does, a lot more interest is generated and both the users and companies start innovating.  Take coffee for example. Whether you need it to be able to see straight in the morning, or you just appreciate the aroma and taste, chances are you’ve had some terrible coffee at least once in your life. That coffee which tastes more like burnt paper mixed with acid, or just taken straight from the gutter and heated up; we have all had a cup like that at some point. Not every place can make a blonde brew as good as Starbucks, but not every place has the resources to do so. As a species, we have not yet mastered the art of consistently making coffee that doesn’t make you regret drinking it right after, and what can one do against such reckless lack of quality?

Better beans, better coffee

Shockingly enough, if you get your coffee beans from McDonald's, the chances are that they will not taste anywhere near as good as something from an actual coffee shop. Not that Starbucks in itself is a paragon of quality, but it definitely is a bit better, much like the rest of the chain brands we all know and love (or hate?). Now, you can either go on a pilgrimage around the city to seek out the best, highest quality, most hipsterish cafe filled with MacBooks and beards so that you can finally have some quality coffee in your life, but that’s unlikely to be a viable scenario. Coffee is rarely the main course of a journey of an event for most people, if anything it’s an addition or a means of survival in everyday life.  My six-cup a day indulgers, please stand up! If you cannot justify going too much out of your way to get yourself a good cup of JoJo, the best thing to do would be to get yourself equipped with a decent surplus of some good coffee beans. When that’s out of the way, you can easily go and make yourself a cup of acceptable coffee at home or in the office alike, any time you’d like.

Good ingredients are the key, but they aren’t everything

Of course, the right ingredients are necessary to make the perfect cup of coffee, but as you probably already know, unless you know how to use them they might as well be rocks. If you simply cannot for the life of you figure out how to hit that balance which makes coffee taste acceptable, then maybe you should look for a new method altogether. What has been taking the world by storm recently and widely recognized for its less acidic, smoother taste, is cold brew coffee. Ideally, you can get the best cold brew coffee maker on the market right now, and enjoy your new life on the path to coffee enlightenment. This might sound silly, but due to the relatively compact nature of a cold brew coffee maker, you could even carry it between the office and the house, saving you the trouble of having to buy two separate ones. Of course, nowhere near the optimal solution but hey, times are tough. When you join the cult of cold brew coffee you probably won't need any convincing, and you'll want to either have your own coffee maker in every location you frequent.

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