Check Your Suitcase, Not Your Bank Account

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thinking you want to go on a vacation is one thing, but actually having the money to do so is another. Trips just seem to be so damn expensive nowadays; with good reason.  If you’re a millennial with a passport and an iPhone your probably the reason why flight prices keep going up (guilty). There is absolutely nothing wrong with that though. I think if you can explore the world now, do it. Don’t wait for retirement, because you never know if retirement will wait for you. 

Everyone should have the pleasure of getting away each year. It is a time to unwind, and a time to switch off from the normal responsibilities of life. Cheers to that. Setting money aside, I have two highly inexpensive get away trips that I know you’ll love.


Camping is definitely going to be the cheapest of options. This can be done near or far. Camp in your living room, or travel to a national park!  There are plenty of camping sites all over the US. Some are in more built up areas; some are fully immersed in nature with amazing activities to do. Once you’ve bought the equipment, you can go camping as many times as you’d like. Or if you’re super frugal like me, you can borrow from your regular camping friends. You’ll need a tent (as spacious as you can afford), a generator to make the whole experience much more comfy, for us electronically inclined individuals, a gas cooker, and a comfy blow up double mattress. Find the best portable generator to make sure you have a nice supply of energy, and a gas cooker with enough gas to keep you cooking all weekend long! Then, pack up the car and hit the open round. Camping is a great way of being able to explore different states and the things they have to offer without having to spend a penny. It is also a great way of spending quality time with the people you love. You’re rarely distracted by technology, and there are plenty of activities to bring you closer together.

Disclaimer: I know I'm not a "camper" by any means, but I can appreciate a good travel deal when I see one. Camping is by far the most inexpensive outlook for a get-away.


Yes, you saw that correctly. One of the most coveted places to visit for Americans is Europe, and you can travel inexpensively if you’re smart about it. Europe is a big place and believe it or not, you can do Europe on the cheap if you score a flight deal. Most of the time, all you’re going to be paying a lot for is the flights but if you look in the right place, you can even get those for a fraction of the price. I went to Copenhagen, Denmark for a week and spent less than a$1,000 on everything. Prague is a lovely city to visit any time of the year. There’s so much history and culture to explore, and it’s so cheap when you’re there. A beer costs pennies, and you can get amazing fresh cooked meals for next to nothing. Then there is Budapest. Budapest during its summer months is just amazing. Again, it is full of culture, full of amazing historical buildings to look at, and is the perfect place to go to for a good time. It is famous for its hot bath parties with famous DJs from all over the world hosting events. There are plenty of deals to find on hotels for both of these countries. Use comparison websites to see where you can get the best deal.

If you’d like to see a lot of Europe and get the biggest bang for your buck, do one longer trip and visit multiple countries. It is cheaper to fly from country to country in Europe than to pick a destination each year and spend close to a grand on travel.

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