I Stopped Sleeping With Electronics In My Room And This Is What Happened

I never realized how many electronics I have in my room until I decided to take them all out. I removed my laptop and chargers, all of my phone cords, and iPad tag alongs. Then I started to remove everything that had a plug and realized that was a little excessive. I excluded various electronics but kept my alarm clock, and my lamp securely plugged into my wall. I have two things using outlet electricity in my room and none of the things using WiFi. They have all been moved into a closet or reside in my living room.

Why the sudden change in electrical units? There was a study done a little while back that was all over Facebook. Naturally, I read it because I give into everything on Facebook. Essentially this study, performed by five 9th grade girls I might add, was to see if human health was affected by WiFi signals. Although that was the original intention of the study, they went ahead and gathered evidence by using Cress seeds and monitored the plants to see if the plant's growth was stunted by WiFi signals.

The results are in! Look at these photos. 

Pictured above is the Cress without the influence of a WiFi router in the room.

Pictured below is the Cress with the influence of a WiFi router in the room.

So, what happened when I removed all of my WiFi induced products?

Silence. Silence is what happened. It is so blissful knowing my phone is on the coffee table in the living room in the off position. My laptop is nowhere in sight, my Apple Watch is charging in my bathroom and my iPad, well I honestly don't even know where I stashed that sucker. (Are those still being used?)

I'm not sure if this is all mental or not, but it's working.  I have never slept better since I started taking all of the technology out of my bedroom. I fall asleep almost instantly and sleep until my alarm goes off. Now my temple space is entirely connection-free, and it is so blissful. Beyond my bedroom, I feel as if I am less distracted and can concentrate more on tasks.

I do not expect this to change overnight. There are still some nights I'm antsy, but I am still a human with stress and thoughts. I can see a change in my sleep patterns and day-to-day behavior.