It's Still Winter But Summer Isn't Waiting: Plan Your Summer Body Now

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Well, it finally snowed in Vegas so I’m glad winter decided to show up. Better late than never I suppose.

Have you fallen short of their fitness goals.I know I have. Summer seems like an age away, but has a habit of creeping up on all of us. If you harbor thoughts of looking amazing this summer in your swimsuit, now’s the time to start planning, especially because I just saw a sign that said the beach club opens on March 2nd. Ignore the fact that we had to clear the car snow and ice from our windshields this morning and dust off your sneakers friends. It’s beach body prep time, because apparently, we have a week according to industry standards. Yikes.

Yes friends, it’s almost time to give up our oversized sweaters and and sweats because summer brings a whole new set of clothing to consider. Strappy vests, shorts, bikinis, swimsuits and barefeet in sandals, the thought are ALMOST enough to consider relocating to Alaska. However a little planning done now will mean that even the tiniest of changes to your lifestyle will help you get your body in tip top condition for summer shed pounds and get your skin glowing.


You have around 4 months until summer. I anticipate it to come slightly sooner, us living in a desert and all, but you should be able to plan what you would like to achieve over a good amount of time. My main issue is I get into the mindset that I’ll start “next week” as the weeks will fly by. Aiming to lose 2-3 lbs per week (if youre trying to lose weight) would be ideal and schedule weekly weigh ins. Build up your exercise plan slowly to prevent injury and demotivation. Mark on the calendar the date when you want to have achieved the results and visualize how you wish to look at that point. Hang a picture of what your aspiring to achieve somewhere you see everyday. Maybe on your phone screen, or on your bathroom mirror.


Exercise is a fantastic tool to help you burn calories and tone up, but it needs to be done in conjunction with a healthy diet. Different diets suit different people. If you don’t need to lose weight you may want to eat foods that give you energy and boost your immunity. If weightless is your aim there are many methods, such as low fat diets, high protein diets and incorporating lots of foods in your diet that increase your metabolism. You could consider supplementing your diet with KetoFact which is a natural supplement that boosts your bodies fat burning ability, you simply add to your tea or coffee.

Choose a diet that suits your lifestyle and try not to deprive yourself. A healthy balanced diet is more likely to be sustainable than a crash, low calorie diet.


Dieting will help your BMI, but as you lose weight you will need to tone up. Me for example, I’m fine with my current weight but I would so love to be more toned. Incorporating cardio such as running, swimming, tennis and dance classes will help to boost your metabolism, as well as keep your heart and lungs healthy. Weight training and exercise, such as Pilates will help tone and strengthen your body. There are so many forms of exercise to choose from it may be worth hiring the expertise of a personal trainer, to discuss your goals and form a plan of action. Plus, it’s nice to have someone stand over you and be your hype squad.

Getting your diet and exercise right now, will allow you to concentrate on your tan, hair and nails come Summer.

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