The Only Thing I'm Rooting For in Superbowl LII...

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Rumor has it there is a big football game at Justin Timberlake’s concert today. I’m not sure why they feel it’s necessary to add in such a dramatic event to JT's set yet here we are. Patriots are at it again with their tom field foolery and the Eagles, well they're kind of like the 'C's get Degrees' group of the bunch. All I know, is Green Bay did not make into the Superbowl so I'm substantially less invested in the playing portion, and mainly focused on the performing portion.

I was trying to figure out if there was a mathematical explanation to all of this and here is what I got. JT is worth $230 million, more than each player individually. Let me throw some quick maths at ya. Each team has 53 active players; the Patriots have a net worth value of $1.4 billion with an average worth of $26,415,094 per player and the Eagles valued at $1 billion with an average worth of $18,867,924. The NFL needs to even the playing field a bit and bring in someone or some group that is the same net worth per player. Otherwise we're watching the Superbowl for JT and not, well, football. I wouldn't be mad about that though; doesn't seem like a lousy concert venue. 

This will be JT's third time performing at the Superbowl. Either NFL options are slightly limited performers or Justin Timberlake pitched them something they could not refuse... 

an *NSYNC comeback.

Before you write this off, a comeback is not like me asking for the sky to turn purple. It is not unheard of for *NSYNC to do a small reunion set. Their last one was in 2013. Sure, it was eight years ago, but it is not like they didn't have one. They're Tearing Up My Heart with this agony. Once Justin was announced as the halftime performer the media went into a frenzy because JC Chasez told a reporter "I always keep an open mind." when asked if there would be an NSYNC return to the stage. THAT WASNT A NO.

The facts make sense:

-NSYNC is releasing a new line of Global merchandise this year to commemorate the boy bands 20th anniversary. (That can't just be a coincidence.) Say 'Bye Bye Bye' to your bank accounts. 

-(Back to my original math point) NSYNC is worth $25 million collectively as a group, which would substantially even the playing field for all "performers" if you will, involved. 

-Woman are encroaching on the 50% mark for NFL fans demographic, and the NFL WANTS MORE. Show us a decent halftime performer, and we'll show you 51%.

-Justin's new album dropped, literally two days ago. He's a man of his roots, so there's no better opportunity to show the world how far he has come. 

I'm not asking for a reunion tour, I think JT is doing just fine all on his worth $230 million own, but it would do my adolescent fangirl heart a favor if I could see 'It's Gonna Be Me' and be able to appreciate it. 

All I'm rooting for is an NSYNC comeback because that is the only thing getting me through the fact that Green Bay is not in the championship game. I'm one of those people who wear their team's jerseys when they're not even playing, but you better believe I have my NSYNC fan shirt ready to go underneath, yenno, just in case.

May the odds be ever in NSYNC's favor.

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