Breaking Bad Habits Before They Break You

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If you have any bad habits, then congratulations, it's been confirmed you’re a human.  You will also know first hand that they can take over your life, and prohibit you from doing all the things that you want to get done. Often we see that they are wrong for us, but they are hard to eliminate from our lives.

“Why don’t you stop?” These habits can ring deeper than that. These habits can also range from smoking and drinking to biting your nails and disrupting your sleeping pattern.

The 'Girls' Guide To Your New York Weekend

If you’re a woman in your twenties, the chances are you've seen Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls.’ It’s essentially a prerequisite for any woman trying to find her way in the world. A story of four girls trying to make their way in New York, Hannah, specifically, has been cut off financially from her parents, became a writer, and is constantly making unfortunate decisions. Thriving. It’s no wonder that many of us experience the urge to visit New York with our best friends after watching. Don’t we all want to be like the ‘Girls’ girls?

500 Words On Perfection and the Pressure of Social Media

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?
Some of you probably stretch, open your eyes, hit your alarm to the snooze position (maybe too many times) and then the next most common thing to do is check your phone. I mean why not? You’ve been out of contact with your friends for hours. Think about how many years that is in dog years.

I Tried Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino, So You Don't Have To

If you haven't seen Starbuck's new Drink debut, The Crystal Ball Frappuccino, you will. Available for the next 4 days (March 22 - 26), this peach infused Frappuccino is designed to tell your future. I'm sure psychics everywhere are flipping their lids about it. I know I am.

Vacation and Education Rhyme For A Reason And This Is It

You know in college when you would cram for midterms and remember what you needed to remember to pass the test but forgot it the minute the test was over? That's not learning. That's surviving. When you’re learning something new, your brain goes into a unique state, making it much easier to keep information and memories fresh. This is great for helping you to soak up the information you're receiving and it also has some very big benefits elsewhere in your education. Giving you the chance to better capture memories of the whole event, learning can be a great tool to use when you’re trying to keep a vacation fresh in your mind. But, what exactly can you do while you’re away which will count as learning?

What Style Countertop You Should Get Based On Your Personality

Image: Houzz

It's almost springtime ladies and gentlemen, so that means the Spring cleaning bug is going to start biting some of us. That front hall closet needs to be cleaned out, the patio furniture will have to be washed off, and that countertop that has managed to pass by three spring seasons without getting repaired will need some attention. The list goes on so I think prioritizing is what needs to happen here.

Your Frequently Asked Blogging Questions Have Been Heard And Answered!

I frequently get DMs and emails asking questions about my blog, and it makes me feel so good about Daily Cup of JoJo when I see people interacting with my website. I love chatting and will always respond to you. I always see bloggers do FAQ's and I would still think to myself, I'll never have to post one, but here I am thinking it might be something y'all will enjoy reading! Thanks to you I feel my Frequently Asked Blogger Questions (FABQ) is semi-necessary now, so, without further ado...

Cómo Disfrutar En España!

I hope this title caught your attention because it was in Spanish and most of you know I don't speak a LICK of Español. I totally had to google the title. Beyond that though, Spain is a beautiful country, and if you ever get the chance to visit grab it with both hands. Before you travel through, it can help to know a little about the areas and cultures you are going to experience before you get there. With that in mind check out my easy guide below on how to enjoy Spain, or as the Spanish would say Cómo disfrutar en España! I had to google that again but I'm really trying here, friends.