I Tried Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino, So You Don't Have To

Thursday, March 22, 2018

If you haven't seen Starbuck's new Drink debut, The Crystal Ball Frappuccino, you will. Available for the next 4 days (March 22 - 26), this peach infused Frappuccino is designed to tell your future. I'm sure psychics everywhere are flipping their lids about it. I know I am.

The whole concept of this magical beverage is to predict your future. Order, gaze, and then all will be told... in the form of sprinkles! Your fortune is in the sprinkled candy gems. Not even your barista knows your future. With a mix of blue, green and purple gems to reveal your destiny, know what your future will bring.

Blue sprinkled gems mean you're destined for adventure as they are sprinkled with spirulina.

Green sprinkled gems mean good luck is headed your way as they are made with apple and pumpkin.

Purple sprinkled gems mean magic, wonder, and enchantment are in route made with algae, cherry, and purple sweet potato.

I saw some sneak peaks from baristas earlier this week of what this drink was going to look like, so naturally, I planned to make a trip because it's Instagram perfect. 

Now, here's what I have to say about it...

I've tried almost every specialty drink Starbucks has offered. Some are good, but most are just for the photo ops, like this one. I was slightly disappointed when I was handed my drink though because it did not have the green mystical swirl I was expecting from the promo images. The fun sprinkles on top were, honestly, this drinks saving grace. The fun green swirl melted before I could put my card back into my wallet.

I received purple candy gems, so I guess wonder, magic, and enchantment are in my future. The story of my life because my head is always up in the clouds. The peach infused frapp with peach whipped cream was sweet and not bad in flavor. It almost reminded me of their refreshers with coconut milk. 

I think it makes me uncomfortable because with these "special released drinks" the flavors never correlate with the colors. I need consistency in my life, and this Starbucks release just doesn't bring it for me. Why is it a green syrup when the flavor is clearly peach? Correlate the colors with the flavor for us A-type personalities, Starbs.

Overall, the drink itself wasn't bad. I was a little underwhelmed with the hype of the look of it and the actuality of the drink, but the flavoring was WAY better than the Unicorn frappuccino. At the very least, I got a couple decent photos (with a lot of filters) and got out of the office for a minute.

Happy almost Friday, friends. 

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