The 'Girls' Guide To Your New York Weekend

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The 'Girls' Guide To Your New York Weekend

If you’re a woman in your twenties, the chances are you've seen Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls.’ It’s essentially a prerequisite for any woman trying to find her way in the world. A story of four girls trying to make their way in New York, Hannah, specifically, has been cut off financially from her parents, became a writer, and is constantly making unfortunate decisions. Thriving. It’s no wonder that many of us experience the urge to visit New York with our best friends after watching. Don’t we all want to be like the ‘Girls’ girls?

Of course, this isn’t the only show to highlight New York. Before it, we had Friends, Sex in the City, and my ALL TIME favorite Gossip Girl. These shows alone have kept tourism strong. Think of all the iconic Instagram spots. But, going on a ‘Girls’ tour might be the best way for you and your ladies to experience the place. Sadly, while there is a Girls bus tour in the works, you'll currently have to make your way through the core of the apple. Not a problem though.

Speaking of Girls bus tour, first on your list should be your method of transportation. With no open-topped bus on offer, you’ll need to find some way to get around. You could go all out here, and invest in a party bus like those found at can be sure this will kick your trip off with a bang. Check out the Hummer Limo.  Or, you could keep it down and dirty, Girls style, with yellow cabs. Either way, you’ll need to sit back, buckle in, and get ready for visiting these iconic spots from your favorite shows.

Ray’s cafe

Friends had Central Perk, and Girls had Ray’s coffee shop. I know which one I prefer. Ray’s was the ideal mix of hipster chic, and the real-life ‘Cafe Grumpy’ can boast the same. You can head to to get a better idea of what to expect. Unlike Hannah, you might not be brewing the coffee, but you can indeed soak up that Girls fuelled atmosphere with a decent cup of coffee.

Hannah’s Apartment

Caffeine fix. CHECK. Swing by Hannah’s apartment next. It would be criminal not to. Oh, the scenes which took place here. You and your ladies really can’t get away without the typical tourist admiration of this site. And, you can find it in Greenpoint on India St. While you’re at it, swing to Adam’s place in Prospect Heights and then keep the ball rolling to Jessa and Shoshanna’s apartment near Little Italy. In no time, you’ll practically feel like the Girls gang reincarnate. Embrace your 15 minutes of fame feeling.

A bar too cool for Hannah

No weekend trip anywhere would be complete without a place to drink, right? Lucky for you, Girls delivers there too, with a trendy NoHo bar called Weather Up. During an interview, Hannah mentions the bar, stating she refuses to drink anywhere which calls its staff ‘mixologists.’ But, just because it’s too cool for Hannah doesn’t mean you and your girls can’t get sucked in. Head to to find out what you can expect from a night here. When in New York, after all...

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