Your Frequently Asked Blogging Questions Have Been Heard And Answered!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Your Frequently Asked Blogging Questions Have Been Heard And Answered!

I frequently get DMs and emails asking questions about my blog, and it makes me feel so good about Daily Cup of JoJo when I see people interacting with my website. I love chatting and will always respond to you. I always see bloggers do FAQ's and I would still think to myself, I'll never have to post one, but here I am thinking it might be something y'all will enjoy reading! Thanks to you I feel my Frequently Asked Blogger Questions (FABQ) is semi-necessary now, so, without further ado...

How do you come up with your blogs/posts?

I don't, you do. Honestly, blogging is the most natural thing in the world because if your friends know about your creative outlet and support it, they suggest things all the time. Sometimes without even realizing it. “I was thinking about xyz... you should blog about it.” BING! I put it in my notes for later. Since I am not a niche writer, and I cover whatever my mind is thinking about. I spiral from humor to recipes, to a day in the life, etc. No topic is too big or too small. I'm curious human being and want to know more about something I'm unfamiliar with. All of the curiosities usually end up here. 

Why did you start your blog?

Ha, a funny question. I think on twitter one day I said: "If I start a blog would Y'all read it." I got like six 'favorites,' so naturally, I felt like the new Jenna Marbles of the internet. BAM, Daily Cup of JoJo was born in August of 2014. I did not start up my blog in the way you're supposed to though. I did no research, had no content ready, and had no idea what I was doing. I found a platform I semi-understood how to use and went with it.  All I knew is I wanted to write, and I wanted the world to see it. I've learned a lot along the way and have built up such a supportive following. Mom, I have internet friends! Just like you told me not to do!

Who are you trying to reach? (Whose your target audience?)

Selfishly, I write for myself. It's my creative outlet. In addition to that though, I like to think I write for anyone and everyone who stumbles across my page. I don't have a niche which is what makes promoting my blog so tricky. I use the word 'promote' loosely though because I don't spend too much time marketing my blog. I'm getting better though. I write for my friends and family to keep them updated on my life or my thoughts. 

Your Frequently Asked Blogging Questions Have Been Heard And Answered!

Where do you blog?

Only the best place in the world! My bed. That’s where most of the magic happens, but sometimes I get too comfortable, and I fall asleep with my laptop like right next to my face. It is a rude awakening when I wake up, and there’s a screen blaring in my face. Occasionally, I'll blog at Starbucks or a local coffee shop, but that gets expensive. I’m typing this at a bar right now if that gives you any indication of where my standards lie.

"I want to start my own blog, what are my first steps?"

First and foremost, that's freaking RAD and I 100% support you. Second of all prepare yourself because blogging is hard. It's a lot of freaking work. If you're writing for you, and solely for you, it is not as much, but if you're writing for anyone else you want to put your best foot out there. Blogging is not solely coming up with content  

Your Frequently Asked Blogging Questions Have Been Heard And Answered!

QUICK! Favorite Quote? GO!

"The busy have no time for tears." Lord Byron. I read it in a book called Lilac Girls. Excellent read if you're into history by the way. 

How did you come up with Daily Cup of JoJo?

I crafted this blog title one day in one of my creative writing class when I was coming up with a new twitter handle. It was a time when a specific type of twitter name was popular. The kind where you had to fit your name into a saying such as @itsgonnacostaya for Natalie Costa, @DroppItLO for Lauryn who goes by Lo, or @chet_mix for Chet. Jordan was tough to mesh, so I had to shorten it to JoJo and the only thing was coming to mind was 'Cup of Joe.' And here we are five years later. Still my twitter name, in case you were wondering. 

It's interesting though because a cup of joe usually refers to coffee and I hate coffee. Espressos, lattes, black with two sugars, none of that is my thing. Daily Cup of JoJo is a place where food, fads, flying and frivolous findings all come together. I started blogging for literally no reason at all in the summer of 2014. Now it is one of my hobbies I take a lot of pride in.

What are your next steps in life?

Going to pack me and my cactus up and move to the Land of Oz. Or we might stay put in Vegas. I hear they don't have quite as exciting nightlife in Oz. Okay, straight? I don’t get asked that question. I just wanted to put that in there, so you were well aware of my life choices 

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message here or on Instagram or  Twitter or anywhere else you can find me as I always welcome a chance to chat.

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