11 Things You're Probably Shouting While Watching The Golden Knights This Playoff Season

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Image Source: Review-Journal

Last night the Golden Knights won the 1st playoff game they've ever played in their 1st year of existence. That’s freaking rad! The Vegas Golden Knights are baffling hockey fans everywhere with their inaugural season. A year ago, sports broadcasters were whistling a different tune as many predicted the Vegas team would be one of the worst teams in the league. Well in Vegas, the house always wins and the house is here to cash out that Stanley Cup. In the spirit of playoff season, here are ten phrases you probably have or will shout while watching the Golden Knights kill it in the playoffs. 

1. Fleury! Fleury! Fleury!

King’s never stood a chance at getting one last him.

2. Okay, boys quit playing with it and get it in.

The puck. We all hope you’re talking about the puck.

3. Go! Knights! Go!

Come on friends. This is a group effort. 
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To the tune of "Sweet Caroline"

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5. For the love of NHL, please let there be a fight.

We all know what we're really rooting for...


Hello?! You seriously have one job

7. Where is Marchessault? Is he in the penalty box again?

8. Hey ref, are you pregnant? You’ve missed two periods so far.

No hockey game would be complete without a burn thrown at the ref.

9. This. Is. Stressful.

Pretty sure this game is giving me more of a migraine than my finals are. 

Image Source: SI

10. Why is the net empty?! Where’s Fleury?

Once again, all of our cards are in Fleury's hands. Never leave an empty net!
Image Source: NHL


This is usually accompanied by some mediocre dance moves with a lot of enthusiasm.

In Las Vegas, we are golden knights fans before we are people.

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