Finding 10 Minutes In The Day For Yourself When You JUST Don't Have Time

Monday, April 23, 2018

Is your life extremely busy? Are you always working, commuting or running around after kids? Do you spend all of your spare time taking care of your partner, children or other family members? Are you always offering your time to those that need it? This is great. It’s awesome looking after people, it can make a very real difference to people’s lives and can keep your home life going. But, taking a little time for yourself is essential if you want to keep going for everyone else.

Big breaks like days off, vacations and days out doing something that you love are brilliant, and you should try to squeeze these things into your busy schedule whenever you can. But, sometimes it’s the smaller things that make the biggest difference. Taking the occasional 10 minutes during the day for yourself can be rewarding, energy-boosting and stress relieving. But how can you do it?

Enjoy Your Morning Ritual

Mornings are often the busiest time of the day. I know for me I am running around trying to make breakfast, take a shower, and throw a semi-decent outfit together. Most people spend time running around getting everything and everyone ready and making sure nothing is forgotten. As crazy as the morning is, it is important to set aside some time for “your thing.” I know people that take a bath in the morning (literally every morning, I wish I had that kind of time), will spend 20 minutes reading or will make their bed so they have something organized to come home too. Me, I set aside some time in the morning to meditate or do a little yoga. I’m talking 3-5 minutes, just to set my intentions for the day. Giving myself that peace in the morning is more beneficial for others peace throughout the day because I’m not nearly as cranky.

Embrace That Commute

Many of us face a long commute in rush hour traffic. Traffic is something no one understands how or why it happens but we just accept it, angrily, if I do say so myself. We sit in our car or on the train annoyed, stressed out and unhappy. So, start embracing your commute. It’s time where you don’t have to do anything. Download some podcasts or some of your favorite music, throw on a “book-on-tape;” some refer to them as audiobooks, but I refuse haha.

If you have to be doing something because you’re like me and can’t sit still, eat your breakfast on the go and savor the flavor. Brew some coffee, put it in your favorite travel mug and suddenly your commute is way more enjoyable. It’s all about the brew though. Click here for some great Coffee options that you can enjoy

Take a Bath

Showers are perfect in the morning, they’re fast, and give you the wake up that you need, but making time for a bath in the evening is a wonderful way to get away from life. I know people that will take a bath in the morning, literally every morning. If you set an intention that this bath is a priority in your morning then you’ll find time to do this for yourself.


Exercise has so many health benefits, and it’s a great way from getting away from your to-do list for some time on your own. It doesn’t need to be an hour-long commitment. Take a walk around the building after lunch, or here are four things you can do throughout the day to exercise without going to the gym. AND because it’s exercise, you won’t feel guilty for taking the time.

Read Before Bed

Often the last thing that we do before we close our eyes is we look at our phones. This can have a negative effect on your quality of sleep. For my new year’s resolution, I wanted to read at least 20 minutes a day and I found that I really only find that time right before bed. Instead, of surfing my timelines I’ll spend some time before turning off my light reading a good book. You’ll be doing something that you enjoy, and it’ll help you to get a great night’s sleep.

Don't beat yourself up if you can't find the time. Some days are busier than others. Recognize you want to give yourself a moment and resonate with that, but embrace the moments you do give to yourself.

Finding 10 Minutes In The Day For Yourself When You JUST Don't Have Time

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