In-Flight Essentials: My Personal Item Necessities

In-Flight Essentials: My Personal Item Necessities
I tend to do a lot of flying. Big long flight hauls that can take up to 24 hours or those mini flights that are under an hour. It never fails though I tend always to bring the same stuff. I’m not sure if it’s some inner-superstitious ritual that hasn’t come to the surface for flying or if I like to stick to patterns.

See that backpack listed above? That is my go-to travel bag. I picked this bad boy up from a Marshall's for $25 and it was the best investment a traveler could make. It doesn't tear, its water resistant (not waterproof, so don't get it twisted), and has the right amount of external and internal pockets. It fits all of the things I am about to list off, and I think it's a decent looking bag.

All in all, before you board the plane it is crucial you have all of your essentials including documentation of who the hell you are, entertainment pieces and survival tactics. Here’s my list of items that ALWAYS seem to make it into my personal item.

First and foremost, in-flight essentials consist of snacks.

These vary, but there is always an edible item on my person. My favorites include (but are not limited to because I’m ever adding food items to my life): 

Gas-station snack size bag of goldfish preferably poured into a Ziploc bag

Dried fruit (preferably cranberries or apricots)

A water bottle typically bought in the airport (after security, duh.)

Gummy candy ranging from fruit snacks, worms, sour or watermelons

All of these items pass Jordan's In-Flight necessity test because they’re slim packaging and fit comfortably into my purse. Also, these goods are typically resealable, so it is a no mess, no stress situation. If air is released from any of the above-mentioned packages they don’t crumble if smushed up against something. 

Next up, you have to have activities on your flight. 

You are your in-flight entertainment most of the time. Sure some airlines provide in-flight streaming which is super friendly of them *snaps* but it isn’t the alpha and omega of entertainment. ALWAYS BRING BACKUP.

iPad/Tablet or Laptop- Make your choice dependent upon the flight length. Typically if the flight is 3 hours or less, I’m bringing my iPad because any work I’m going to get done on that flight in that duration of time can just be transferred over or is done in a single document. If it is 3+ hours, I will bring my laptop and work on more complicated projects that include spreadsheets and multiple documents I have to go back and forth on. 

Journal- I always have something to write with and write on. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when you’re 30,000 feet up in the air, your creativity can get pretty wild. I want to make sure I’m able to write down my bright ideas or act on my inspirations. 

Headphones- These are on this list for a couple of reasons. 

1. Block the haters out, cause you ain’t listening. 

2. Listening to music allows you to zone out and relax as much as possible in that 6in by 6in space Spirit calls a seat. 

3. I like to set a good example for the kids, parents, and obnoxious people that come on board WITHOUT headphones and force me to listen to Bubble Guppies on my 3 1/2 hour flight. 

A book- Whatever book I’m reading, I take it with me. I have 4 hours to spare; I’m going to end up reading it eventually. 

The Miscellaneous

Chapstick - You don’t wanna be caught without that 30,000 feet up in the air with 4 hours left on your flight. I learned that lesson the hard way. 

Malachite Chrysocolla Crystal - This stone is believed to protect travelers and a few other things but I mostly use it for safe travels. It is there as a comfort tool and reminds me to keep myself grounded even though I’m WAAAAAY UP. 

A jacket - Even if I’m wearing one, I bring an extra one. It gets COLD on those planes. You have no chance of taking a nap or relaxing if all you’re doing is thinking about how much your insides are shivering. 

Have anything of yours that you CANNOT travel without? We all have our regimens. Comment below with yours.

In-Flight Essentials: My Personal Item Necessities for solo travelers