A Complete Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your American Adventures

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sometimes I don’t think I give America enough credit. I always catch myself fantasizing about country hopping in Europe. I would stay in Paris for the night, then maybe border hop to Germany and make my way towards Croatia after that. I feel like there are so many diverse areas in Europe, which I forget America is just as incredibly diverse.  Each state is an entirely different experience.  From the city skylines of New York to the deserts of sweet home Nevada to the rural countryside of Kansas. You have places with sunny beaches and others with snow-capped mountains; there are bustling cities and small towns with so much to see and do that I’d struggle to fit it all in in one lifetime.. 

But regardless of which state I’m visiting, there are a few things I aim to do to get the best out of my trip…

Try The Food

American food isn’t all just burgers and fries, hot dogs and all you can eat buffets. Of course, you can find these delicious things in most places, but each state will have dishes that it’s famous for. When you visit any country, sampling the food is a great way to find out more about it- the types of ingredients and cooking techniques used often evolve due to the natural landscape and ingredients available, cultural influences and other influences that are specific to that place. From hearty southern staples of cheese grits and fried catfish in Alabama to Salmon in Alaska, bagels in New York and marion-berry pie in Oregon there’s plenty of variety to get your teeth into. As well as indulging in delicious, famously ‘American’ food, find out what the state and even the town or city you’re visiting likes to serve up food-wise and why this is.

I always try to stay away from chain restaurants I can easily access at home. Indulge in some local spots to soak in the culture of the state you’re in.

Visit the National or State Parks

National and state parks are protected areas, meaning they’re some of the most beautiful places on earth. If you want to see what the state you’re visiting looks like in all of its unspoiled glory, then this is one way to go about it. If you want to explore South Dakota for example, you could book with Custer Vacations to be close to the parks including Badlands and Wind Cave national parks. If you wanted to see the Grand Canyon in all of its natural beauty, you could stay in Arizona or Las Vegas depending on which side you wanted to access it from. Yosemite in California is one of America’s most famous parks, or you could go with something smaller with fewer tourists such as Great Basin national park, Nevada. Apparently, I am playing favorites with national parks right now for my home state, but all national parks have some sort of spectacular beauty and are so incredible to explore! The more remote the location and the more difficult the area is to access, the more spectacular adventure you are in for.

Learn About The History and Culture

Learning about the history and culture of a place helps you to appreciate it and understand it. Visit museums and galleries, look at the architecture, any religious buildings and other areas of cultural or historical interest. Speak to anyone in the know and ask questions to find out more. America as we know it is a ‘new’ country, only being founded in 1776 so it doesn’t have quite the same historical background as some other places in the world. However the culture and history of individual sites are still fascinating, and finding out more can help you get the most out of your trip. This is where I highly recommend getting a personal tour guide or researching a firm itinerary. You can immerse yourself in the culture.


Of course, I had to slip this in there. What good is traveling if you cant take a little piece back with you? Most cities and towns have a local spot to shop where travelers can dig deep into the fashion lifestyle. Down south you’ve got boots and rhinestones, but in more urban areas it’s all high fashion. Be sure to grab a little swag on your trip so you can create your style with experiences and memories attached.

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