Couples Getaway? The Ideal States To Do It In

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

First I’d like to clarify that this is not a post about which states to “do it” in. This is a post about which states to travel to but I had to get you to my little corner of the internet somehow.

I’ve been in a real nostalgic travel mood lately and I think it’s because ya girl NEEDS A VACATION. I have a very heavy travel schedule for the middle part of the year but it has been killing me to wait for those trips. So since I’m not traveling currently, I might as well write about it.

I love traveling with my friends and my family but there is something really special about traveling with a significant other. Getting some time away together is so so important because schedules can be conflicting, understanding why your boss still thinks you can read their mind is brain racking and a good getaway is EXACTLY what you both need. I thought I would share some of the states you should consider visiting for your next couples getaway.


If you want a different place to visit with a multi-cultural vibe, then look no further than the state of Louisiana. There is plenty to see and do there, from the small time towns to exploding cities. First stop, check out somewhere like Jonesboro in the northern part of the state. This “town” is literally less than 5 miles wide so you and your significant other have time to get close. You can imagine a hotel in Jonesboro, Louisiana will give you just the right amount of relaxation. With a town so small, it will be so silent you two will probably stay up all night talking just so your eardrums don’t go psycho in the dead quiet. Maybe you’re not seeking quiet fields and whispers in the winds, though.  You then have Baton Rouge, the capital, and the largest city in Louisiana, New Orleans. New Orleans is well known for its Jazz festivals and also the French influence you will find along the streets. French is the language of love and there is definitely something romantic about some Jazz music. Definitely, a place to visit especially as a couple. Bow chick bow wow.


People always say Florida is for kids, but honestly, aside from Walt Disney World, I don’t see it. Hell, even in Walt Disney World I don’t see it. I see just as many adults pushing kids out of the way to get on Peter Pan’s Flight. So, no, Florida isn’t just for kids. Orlando is full of fabulous theme parks, and of course, if you are both into that sort of thing then it is the ideal spot for your Fantasmic getaway. But if you want something more, Florida could still be the ideal spot. You have fantastic beaches at locations like Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater. Pirate parties are my Florida favorite though. If you go on a weekend there is a pirate party you will experience the ocean in a whole new light. Close to a hundred boats will meet up around some teeny tiny island and everyone will set up shop. There’s often bands, beer, and casual boat hopping. Everyone is super friendly and it is a great way to meet other couples to keep in touch with. Beyond that, there are different sightseeing opportunities including The Everglades and even a chance to go snorkeling in the Florida Keys. The city of Miami should not to be missed as you can enjoy the gorgeous beach AND Latino influences that you will find in the bars and the restaurants. Some of the best chips, guacamole, and ceviche you will EVER taste.


Even though Texas is the biggest state in America it can be a quaint little place. There are amazing cities like Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.  Houston houses the NASA Johnson Space center for the quirky couple. Go and explore an amazing array of traveling exhibits and interactive set ups. Austin is more for the couple that enjoys going out as it provkes a louder crowd. There is a killer bar and live entertainment scene down on 6th street so be sure to bounce around a little bit there. Wind down in San Antonio which is known for its multi-cultural vibes. San Antonio has the famous riverwalk where you can enjoy the sights and also relax in the many cafes along the promenade. It is a very festive area. And for you history buffs, San Antonio is also home of the Alamo.


Finally, California is not to be missed. You have the city of Los Angeles, which for any film buff should be a real bucket list location thanks to the many studios that are based there. Some even offer studio tours. You could also shop till you drop on Rodeo Drive, and still enjoy the beach and city combination. San Francisco is also a place not to be dismissed, but its exquisiteness can get pricey. Some famous tourist spots include Fishermans Wharf where you HAVE to grab a seafood dish of some sort from one of the restaurants or head over to Alcatraz and take a tour of the home to some of America’s most notorious criminals. There is so much to do in California that some couples even consider a road trip so they can soak up the smaller areas like Santa Cruz or Laguna Beach.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for a couples getaway location. Where are you off to next?


  1. These seem like great places to go on a vacation. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Thanks Chris. Texas is my favorite favorite of them all haha.

  2. My hubby and I will be travelling to Texas later in the year and I'm so excited!

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