Las Vegas Brunch Spot For The Baller On a Budget

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nothing is better than having brunch on a Sunday morning (afternoon?) but you just paid rent and only have about $10 in your pocket. Restaurants can become daunting with their towering seafood structures and tableside omelet service. Don't lose hope though. There are still a plethora of options for you to treat yourself too. Don't spend a fortune and dine in one of these fabulous frugal finds scattered throughout Las Vegas. 

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You’ll have to hunt for your own courtyard seating but for $10 you can get a huge range of gorgeous avocado toasts with toppings like goat cheese, strawberries and balsamic, and trendy mermaid and galaxy designs. They're not afraid to mix ingredients so your food might come out in an array of colors. Embrace it. 

Image by @VegasByTheBite

This is a good spot if your friends are on a health kick but you’re not quite there. The best part is most of their dishes are right around $10 and commonly include breakfast and lunch classics with a twist. The Smotherload is a PRIME breakfast dish for those with a hefty appetite. Pimp shrimp is a pretty rad table shareable but be careful, this guy is on the "Happy" side of the menu so you might be wallet conscious but calories still count too. 

Baguette Café
After six years of Las Vegas asking, they are finally open on weekend from 9:00am-3:00pm. Their menu is small but so well priced. Any breakfast sandwich is under $6 and any lunch item is generally $8. You’ll even have money left over to leave the staff a little something. They are vegan and allergy friendly so anyone with an appetite can enjoy. Oh, and their pastry case is to die for.

Image by @VegasByTheBite

Le Rosalie Cafe
French pastries and desserts so good, you'll almost forget about the coffee! The menu has everything from sweet snacks like their walnut tart and classic almond croissant to savory, cheesy quiches and fresh open-face sandwiches. The decor is homey with pieces sourced from the owner's family house, with several nooks for privacy to catch up with a friend or 

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