18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer

Dan and Shay are at it again. As if their albums Where It all Began and Obsessed weren't heart-gripping enough, Dan + Shay's new release will inspire any and every photo you take with your significant other this summer. We got somewhat of a sneak preview of the newly released album with Tequila so you know the rest are going to be awe-inspiring.
If you're like me and you struggle to get that prime caption for your one of a kind Instagram photo, let Dan + Shay do the work for you. Pop one of these majestic chords into your caption and you'll be home summer free!

18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer

1.“When I taste Tequila,  Baby I still see ya.” - Tequila

2."I remember how bad I need ya, when I taste Tequila" - Tequila 

3. "Cause watching you is all that I can do, And I'm speechless"- Speechless

4. "Every time you walk into the room, I'm speechless "– Speechless

5. "We should be alone together"- Alone together

6. "I wanna be, wanna be, what keeps you up at night"- What Keeps You Up at Night

7. "Let me leave a little song in your head, Make you dance in the dark like you're still in my arms"- What Keeps You Up at Night

8. "I just wanna love you, Like it's all I'm livin for"- Keeping Score

9. "Life is only gettin' faster, So, Baby, I'd rather take tonight nice and slow" - Keeping Score

10. "You love me, you hate me, You make me, you break me"- Make or Break

11. "Falling back in that stupid love, pulling me in like a boomerang, It's always the same damn thing"- Stupid Love 

12. "That stupid love, Just when I thought I kicked that habit, You work a little midnight magic, And there I go again"- Stupid Love

13. "I hate the way I need ya when you're leaving"- Stupid Love

14. "There's no such thing as too much money, 'Cause, if I had it all I would spend on you, honey"- No Such Thing

15. "I've seen the lights from New York to Vegas, And I've tasted wine from Venice to Paris, And I've seen the sights, Nothing can compare to you"- My Side of the Fence

16. "And if a genie gave me a million wishes, I'd spend them all on all your kisses, And save just one to stay right where I am"- My Side of the Fence

17. "If I ever win the lottery It wouldn't mean a lot to me, 'cause I already got you to hold my hand"- My Side of the Fence

18. "If I could go anywhere, I wouldn't go anywhere, I'm already there"- Island Time

19. "Girl, we ain't gotta leave this room, To make it feel like a honeymoon"- Island Time

18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer