18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dan and Shay are at it again. As if their albums "Where It All Began" and "Obsessed" weren't heart-gripping enough, Dan + Shay's new release will inspire any and every photo you take with your significant other this summer. We received somewhat of a sneak preview of the newly released album with their hit "Tequila" so you know the rest are going to be awe-inspiring.

If you're like me and you struggle to get that prime caption for your one of a kind Instagram photo, let Dan + Shay do the work for you. Pop one of these majestic chords (or check out my other Instagram posts for more caption inspo) into your caption and you'll be home summer free!

18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer
1.“When I taste Tequila,  Baby I still see ya.” - Tequila

2."I remember how bad I need ya, when I taste Tequila" - Tequila 

3. "Cause watching you is all that I can do, And I'm speechless"- Speechless

4. "Every time you walk into the room, I'm speechless "– Speechless

5. "We should be alone together"- Alone together

6. "I wanna be, wanna be, what keeps you up at night"- What Keeps You Up at Night

7. "Let me leave a little song in your head, Make you dance in the dark like you're still in my arms"- What Keeps You Up at Night

8. "I just wanna love you, Like it's all I'm livin for"- Keeping Score

9. "Life is only gettin' faster, So, Baby, I'd rather take tonight nice and slow" - Keeping Score

10. "You love me, you hate me, You make me, you break me"- Make or Break

11. "Falling back in that stupid love, pulling me in like a boomerang, It's always the same damn thing"- Stupid Love 

12. "That stupid love, Just when I thought I kicked that habit, You work a little midnight magic, And there I go again"- Stupid Love

13. "I hate the way I need ya when you're leaving"- Stupid Love

14. "There's no such thing as too much money, 'Cause, if I had it all I would spend on you, honey"- No Such Thing

15. "I've seen the lights from New York to Vegas, And I've tasted wine from Venice to Paris, And I've seen the sights, Nothing can compare to you"- My Side of the Fence

16. "And if a genie gave me a million wishes, I'd spend them all on all your kisses, And save just one to stay right where I am"- My Side of the Fence

17. "If I ever win the lottery It wouldn't mean a lot to me, 'cause I already got you to hold my hand"- My Side of the Fence

18. "If I could go anywhere, I wouldn't go anywhere, I'm already there"- Island Time

19. "Girl, we ain't gotta leave this room, To make it feel like a honeymoon"- Island Time

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18 Dan + Shay Lyrics That Will Inspire Your Instagram Captions This Summer
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